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St. Lucia News OnlineAugust 8, 202290673 min

Allen Chastanet got it totally wrong, again, when he decided to wait until every member of the government side had made their contribution before he made his.

Hon Stephenson King had just finished a demolition job on the Leader of the Opposition when the Prime Minister indicated to the Speaker of his intention to speak, but it was only to close the debate.

Chastanet, realizing that his time to speak was lost, immediately took to the floor complaining to the Speaker that it was too early to close the debate. The Speaker responded by indicating to Chastanet that he had not indicated any intention to speak and therefore had to defer to the Prime Minister who has his light on.

Chastanet for the second time had found himself on the wrong side of the cat-and-mouse game he had started. The first being the previous House sitting, at which he failed to make a contribution.

Allen Chastanet had stubbornly insisted he should be the last to speak, never mind that decision was never in his hands. His decision was made even more distasteful by him going public that it was his intention to do so. As if somehow he still had the power to do so.

Well, the government wasted little time in exercising its right to decide the length of the debate by closing it, even though three of its members had not made their contributions. Clearly, the former Prime Minister has not gotten over the idea that he longer commands the authority he once had in the House and was reminded in no uncertain terms that he either abides by the will of the majority or he keeps quiet.

Allen Chastanet continues to disappoint the people of Saint Lucia by trying to make the 2022/23 Budget debate about him.

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