Philip J Pierre elected unopposed as SLP leader

Philip J Pierre elected unopposed as SLP leader
Philip J Pierre
Philip J Pierre
Philip J Pierre

Former Deputy Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre has been elected unopposed as the Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) at the party’s 2016 Conference of Delegates closing session on Sunday.

Pierre was first appointed the acting leader of SLP following the official resignation of former Prime Minister and Leader of the SLP Dr. Kenny Anthony, days after the party lost the June 2016 election.

The party stalwart has been the parliamentary representative for the Castries East constituency since 1997.

During the opening session of the SLP Conference of Delegates, Pierre outlined his vision for the party saying “Labour will return stronger than ever.”

Sunday’s session saw Laborie MP Alva Baptiste being elected the first deputy political leader, while Dennery North MP Shawn Edward taking the post of second deputy political leader.

Attendees of the closing session of the 2016 Conference of Delegates.
Attendees of the closing session of the 2016 Conference of Delegates.

Leo Clarke was re-elected General Secretary and Herbert Roserie the new assistant General Secretary.

Claudius Francis remains chairman, while former Gros Islet MP Emma Hippolyte was elected deputy chairman.

The SLP Conference of Delegates saw a large turn out.


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  1. its a shame that for Philip to rise to the top, the little hitler had to resign. It shows that pip has no balls and only fills a position. He couldnt challenge shit for years and now is the leader, only since Kenny LEFT. he should exit stage LEFT himself. what a waste pip you are. If it were me i wouldnt even take the position. distasteful


  2. Pip may rightly deserve the position within the context of inter-party politics. But this is not a good move by the SLP. Miellenials are very disillusioned with you guys, they propel this country forward as they are the new generation and unfortunately I can say with surety that Pip does not appeal to millenials or older folk. We need a sturdy opposition and Pip does not have the wherewithall the run this country. A very bad move by the SLP.


  3. People be honest; Why are you guys so against Pierre being Leader of the opposition? Some say he has been there too long, some say he is exactly like the former PM. Do you guys even know him? stop being judgmental and stop trying to mess the man's reputation. This man really cares guys! I listen to him all the time on the media and I'm a young person and all I can say is he really does give a damn about St. Lucia!


  4. This must be a joke !! Where is our country going with the same leaders that put us in the problems we currently face . I am not a fan of hilaire but I think he was the best choice out of the bunch because he brought some innovative ideas to campaign and used technology as a tool. Pip is nothing but a follower that can never lead no party to govern this country. SLP you have gone from bad to worst and I feel sorry for the direction our country is going ,also the party too . you all should learn from Republicans and see that their old mentality got them sinking since bush era.


  5. All is well. Everybody is back into their comfort zones. SLP back to mediocrity. Saint Lucia back to struggling with all the %$%$#&^% the SLP left behind.


  6. So the Hilarious clown was given the "pass-over" as he should have. mary go finish him off. SLP DOES NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO DEAL WITH BETRAYERS. You all not Campi or T-Chas. hilarious and clarke have to go. both are corrupt and useless remnant from old labour. one have all his family eating government money even when they unqualified and inexperienced-FACTS. and the whole world know about jufalli now. WHY ARE THEY STILL IN THE PARTY? as for the two deputies, these fellas are place holders nothing more.


  7. Leo Clarke is one of the biggest problems in the labour party. He was also the biggest problem in the CDP. He lacked integrity galore. Before Kenny Anthony, this position of general secretary was an elected one then Kenny made it appointed one. He had his alleged shady reason.


  8. Pip! Pip Hooray! told you he was the man for the job! no matter what you Debbie downers say! to hell with you all! you are not God and the few of you on St. Lucia news online trying to remain relevant with your negativity I say woe be on to you. Mr. Pierre despite all his flaws is a man of integrity and a man willing to do what it takes to get our fair Helen back in shape. He is not perfect and as you all know he is human but he will never fight for power he has too much class for that. People the man is experienced and he is willing to take the bull by the horns for our country! All I ask is: have some faith in him give him the benefit of the doubt! Stop doubting and give the guy a break!


    • Fresh? New? What the heck are you talking about?
      Only if, and only they are not backward like those in there today. Fresh does not mean pregnant with ideas that can make a substantive development difference. As far as I know, the complete nonsense of those who are clueless about anything more than Introductory Economics will never do. The mess they got us into is too complex for those only able to thumb the yellow with age, worn-out pages and lines in old economic textbooks. Saint Lucia deserves much better.


  9. The mere use of the word comrade is reason enough to sweep your comments out. GET OUT THE SHIRTJACK era. No one is looking for ideological politics. People are looking for solutions. How can Sean Edwards be a pm when he has uttered very little an public policy? He is a placeholder. One put in place by Kenny Anthony. Did you people not learn nothing from the recent loss? Did you not see the changes made in the UWP? Did you not see how the rats were kicked overboard? Did you not understand the coalition formed by Chastanet? Yes coalition! Who the hell is going to coalesce over Sean Edwards? Where is his network? Pierre is the best choice and an obvious bad choice! LOL. Stay on the sidelines and watch the players play!


  10. Like Trump I have definitely failed to see any logic in any of Pierre's arguments. Someone please fact check Pierre. I just don't have the time and patience. Most of his arguments are petty and may even further diminish the reputation of the party. Examples in Pierre's absurd reasoning include: that his party saved the country from the IMF. WRONG, we were in positive growth when the SLP was handed the reigns of power. Even after a global recession, devastating drought, Hurricane Tomas and an earthquake the IMF gave PM King a very good review on the handling of the St. Lucian economy. In fact the SLP was cautioned about instituting welfare programs such as STEP and NICE and at the same time increasing the tax burden at such a time without further growing the economy. That resulted in our credit rating being downgraded world wide and slumping in the ratings of best countries in doing business.

    He also said that the UWP had ample notice from April that the tax exemption on medicines would have expired so they had ample time to make adjustments. WRONG AGAIN. The UWP came into power on 6/6/16 and since then there has been no other meetings at that level where St. Lucia could have made such a proposal.

    He also mentioned that they re-stabilized slopes in the Bar de ilse and elsewhere. WRONG AGAIN. All these funds were secured by PM King at CDB under the Hurricane Tomas reconstruction Fund. The funding took so long to arrive even Dr. Anthony complained bitterly in public that they must re-think the disbursements of such funds in order that it bring relief as soon as possible.

    He spoke about bridges. While he is correct that they had built some bridges, he should also remember that some of them were under the Tomas reconstruction fund. In fact he did not mention the astronomical cost to the tax payer of the bridges especially of Bonneterre and Bois d'Orange. He also said that they had withstood the last rains. WRONG AGAIN. Are bridges just made to withstand just rains or made to endure harsh weather conditions? In fact the bridge at Bois d'orange had sustained damage after the first set of rains encountered and it still continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate, even the ballisters have been damaged.

    I could go on and on to disprove every single assertion made by Pierrre but to me its not worth it. St. Lucians should be smart enough to decipher what is right and what is con. Matter of fact its your money, your life. If you don't care, who will care for you?


    • My knowledge of Accounting and Economics says that 'maintaining capital intact' like replacing and maintaining bridges is not developmental per se. What does this amount to in fact?
      It is reinstatement of the status quo ante. You simply return to where you were before anything happened. The structure of the economy remains the same. The unemployment levels remains the same.
      Unless the bridges actually repaired, re-opened blocked pathways to productive areas of the economy, not much has really changed. Bridges that were refurbished to enable more business or production to a much higher level than before the destruction by the weather would be what those who are not low information processors would regard as most significant change.


    • Growth in 2011 was 0.4% and had been declining every year since 2006 when SLP left power. If we follow the curve we will see that SLP stabilized the fall and then returned to growth last year and this year.


    • You mention the two bridges that are alleged to be 'overpriced' were the market value of these structures tendered by the correct procedures.
      The cost of Black Malley bridge was a grossly overpriced structure directly awarded to a hack contractor. EC$1.8 million for essentially a large culvert, actual value probably EC$750,000.


  11. While Pip has waited a long time for this moment and he does deserves it...the party needs to revamp itself. Pip is not the the direction the party needs.


  12. Kenny should have handed the reigns over to Pierre a looooong time ago; way before the elections. The results of the last election, I'm convinced, almost 100%, would be different. I am a Labour supporter but of late, Kenny's power-mongering, callous imposition of incessant taxes, inter alia, put a bitter taste in the electorates' mouths.

    We now have to wait to see how well sugar-coated Ti-Chas et al present their 'medicine'.


    • Party leaders can change at anytime. I'm guessing SLP has at least 5 conventions before the next GE.


  13. I am a Labour supporter but can't support Pierre as Leader. The party needs a new direction and that cannot and should not be the path and policies of Kenny Anthony. With Pierre as leader I see the same failed polices being forced upon the populace. I know this because over the years he has been a mirror image of Dr. Antony. I believe that the party has missed a golden opportunity to move in a different direction. They have missed the opportunity to part with the Likes of Leo Clarke who in part has contributed to the demise of out party and should be held responsible for where it is today. I truly believe that younger and more dynamic leadership is needed to move the party forward and this is why I support comrade Shawn Edward as party leader. Though young, I believe that given the opportunity he can and will move the party in the direction that it should be heading. No one should have a God given right to any position in the party. So the fanfare for being elected unopposed is garbage.


  14. Zero plus nil is equal to nada...... Labour finitoe....where are the people of substance....The donkey is stealing in the chair.....Granny E.......ops


  15. he already acts like he is the real prime minister instead of leader of the losing party. you will stay in this position for a long time


  16. Keep criticisms constructive please, whether it's pep's criticism of the government or your criticism of pep.


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