‘Pharaoh’ ready to take over helm of Dennery South Constituency

‘Pharaoh’ ready to take over helm of Dennery South Constituency
Jerome Gideon
Jerome Gideon
SLP candidate Jerome ‘Pharaoh’ Gideon. *Marius Modeste photo.

Pharaoh is a powerful title associated with kings of ancient Egypt, but Saint Lucia’s ‘Pharaoh’ is not interested in royalty, his only focus is to help improve the lives of people of Dennery South and to become their next parliamentary representative.

Jerome ‘Pharaoh’ Gideon, who was selected to contest the Dennery South seat under a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) ticket, said he has what it takes, to take his constituency back to days of its former glory.

Gideon told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today (Jan.5) that he is elated to have been selected to contest the next elections, but is mainly concerned about getting work done for his constituency.

“It has always been a thought in my mind that at some point in time of my life, I would be faced with this. And this I find right now, is an opportune time for me to do what I can for my constituency,” he said.

The current Dennery South Constituency Council chairman revealed that there are many issues affecting the people of Dennery South and he would like to see how best he could help address them.

Gideon told SNO that he is not interested in the petty talks and the sometimes “unnecessary” debates among the two major political parties, but he is focused on the bigger issues facing the people.

The SLP politician admitted that it is sometimes hard to focus on these problems, when there is filth being spewed in the air by politicians, who are only focused on scoring political points.

However, Gideon, who specializes in youth and community development, said that would like to see some changes in the sporting culture in Dennery South.

“What existed before, as it relates to sports, was for me “formidable”. We were considered a force to be reckoned with in sports. Not just in football, but in all aspects,” he explained.

The council chairman is confident that this reputation can be restored, if more emphasis is placed on expanding and developing sports in the constituency, so that youths can ply their trade as sports professionals.

“There are tremendous benefits that could be derived from sports. My aim is to afford young and willing individuals an opportunity to at least achieve things by using sports as a profession,” he added.

In addition to this, the SLP candidate believes that there is also potential for entrepreneurship in sports.

He said in light of refurbishment of the playing fields, vendors in the constituency, can set up shop at sporting and cultural events, which takes place at these facilities.

At present, Dennery South is said to be divided along political lines, but Gideon is committed to ensuring that this issue is addressed, and is willing to bring some cohesiveness and make the community “one again.”

While admitting that it could be a challenge to contest against the incumbent United Workers Party (UWP) MP for Dennery South, Edmund Estephane, who has been elected twice to that post, Gideon told SNO that he is nevertheless still very much confident that he will be able to unseat him.

“This is based on my involvement in the community and knowledge of persons as it relates to me as a community individual and also as an educator. I see it as an advantage,” he disclosed.

Gideon was referred to as “new blood” by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, when he and two other colleagues were announced as SLP candidates in December 2015.


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  1. He looks like a smiling puppet, someone Kenny will like. A yes man. He is talking so much about sports and what he intends to do and entrepreneurship that he has forgotten his colleague in Dennery north is actually the sports minister. The one who should have been addressing all what he is now saying. Umm, he seems to be exposing Sean and not even realising it.

    But that happens in the dog eat dog and survival race of politics


    • I agree. Their idiotic smiles sum and say it all.

      I don't vote for people more stupid than I am. I stay at home. Neither Chastanet or Kenny least of all, has answer. So why vote for their stooges? Stooges? Who, is there so base, or with any sense of self-respect would value a stooge as a representative? What does that say about you the voter?

      We now have better days/ On the current track we "poised" for bigger hell. We always get the government we deserve.


  2. Jerome is already sporting the grin of incompetence and advertising the fact that he only it for Jerome. The fool dont even get a seat yet and you see the air of self satisfaction that he carries. Another very sad addition to the incomptence we witness day in day out. A few days in office (thankfully he will not get that chance) would swell this head up bigger than we can manage. Soon he would come to think his shyte dont stink and carry on like a strutting peacock. We see that kind already over and over in our politics. We dont need more of the same.


  3. He start buying people already going around giving xmas shopping and ham ..he better be ready for his dirty laundry to be aired out in public


    • Hams for votes. Our pea-brained Saint Lucians are just sheep and idiots. They do not know the first damn thing about government. To them, it is all about STEP and handouts before an election. We have one underway. Christmas was the unofficial start of campaigning. Do you see how many candidates we share voting hams? The overseas rich are already indirectly supplying hams for votes.


  4. If you name is Pharaoh, then the incumbent Moses will deal with you, not in Egypt, but at the polls in St Lucia when Kenny decides to call elections. That grin on your face will disappear for ever, you want to come to full your pocket and exploit St. Lucians, like Kenny and the rest of his crew make a round.


  5. Yall negative ppl think that yall will stop the good that have to come to dennery south.de moue moue
    We have right now have done nothing for us and u all kw am right.hes the right one.


  6. Young Man you need to listen to yourself. Firstly, being the chairman of the Dennery South Constituency Council, like in the USA, you are like the Governor of Dennery South (Local Government). With your government in power, presently you can do more for the constituency than the MP. What have you done for the past 4 years? Maybe gave some ham for Christmas. Did I hear you say glory day of sports in Dennery? Wasn't it under Mr. Estephane's era in government, there were glory days in Dennery South? What has happened the last 4 years under your reign?


    • Are you surprised? Dummies have no need or use for logic. They don't it, even if were to come down on their heads like a cutlass. He is a typical Saint Lucian mou-mou. What can such idiots do help the country with its problems?


  7. He is the council chairman and in the same breath talks about the ills of the constituency. What did you do as council chairman to mitigate these challenges. You are a big joke and as much as i think estaphan could have done more given his challenges, i would give my vote to the UWP because of the current composition of the labour party and its leader. Yes i am a disgruntled labourite who was not pleased with what the hierarchy did to Grieves and Mangal.


  8. Have you lead by example by resigning from the teaching service? Why would anyone take you seriously know your past record...No more Labour socialist governments region. Kenny has to go and must go


  9. Just more crap. The man is just another smiling ..... He has not a single idea about taking the country forward. Like all the others, his idea is just about local government, which is simply patch roads, quarrel about no lighting and say Mr. Speaker in the so-called debates in Castries, ad nausea.

    Give mate a ministry and just like the current and past PMs, his main idea of the future is to hope.

    He hopes that all will go well. The is the end all and be all for the current political direction for the country. Our future resides in the country bookie minds of community development-minded blokes.

    They don't even know what they don't know, but still need to know. Now, try getting any kind of economic development out of such utterly clueless people.

    En rouge! Better days!


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