Petroleum prices decrease

Petroleum prices decrease



PRESS RELEASE – Adjustments under the Three-Week Pass Through Mechanism will lead to reduction in prices of all petroleum products, effective today, Monday, August 17, 2015.

A gallon of unleaded gasoline will decrease by fourteen cents, a gallon of diesel by fifty-eight cents and a gallon of kerosene by one dollar and twenty-two cents.

Government continues to subsidize the 20lb and 22lb LPG (liquid petroleum gas) cylinders by $11.76 and $12.65 per cylinder, respectively, and has allowed consumers to access the full benefits of reductions in the landed cost of all other fuel products.

Below is a schedule of the retail prices for these products:

Fuel Product Existing Price New Price Change
Unleaded Gasoline $13.50 per gallon$2.98 per Litre $13.36 per gallon$2.94 per Litre Decrease by $0.14Decrease by $0.04
Diesel $11.53 per gallon$2.53 per Litre $10.95 per gallon$2.41 per Litre Decrease by $0.58Decrease by $0.12
Kerosene $8.27 per gallon$1.82 per Litre $7.05per gallon$1.55 per Litre Decrease by $1.22Decrease by $0.27
     20 Pound $27.15 per cylinder $26.75 per cylinder Decrease by $0.39
     22 Pound $30.14 per cylinder $29.71 per cylinder Decrease by $0.44
     100 Pound $197.74 per cylinder $192.55 per cylinder Decrease by $5.20
     Bulk $1.85 per pound $1.80 per pound Decrease by $0.05

Prices will be adjusted again onMonday, September 7, 2015. These prices will be determined by the landed cost of these products over the current review period.


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  1. Judging by the negative comments, I deduce that a majority do not have a mathematical mind set. Just start with a penny and double it everyday for just thirty days and the sum will buy you a few gas stations. For every hundred gallons of gas purchased, one saves fourteen dollars. We seem to want everything in an instant. Be patient my people !




  3. Cant believe these comments after all the discussions some time ago. Why dont you find out from the importeres what the cif on fuel is when it reaches here.


  4. Piss in your eyes and call it rain! "They fooling we" with their "better days" rhetoric... 13c decrease on unleaded gas? Choops tun!


  5. Unleaded Gasoline went down by ONLY 14 cents chupse.
    That is less than the amount that it increased by last month. So this is not a significant decrease. We still paying a higher price than July.

    I remember the powers that be promised last month that the fuel would be going down significantly at this adjustment period so what has changed? Why only 14 cents decrease when you put more than 14 cents on the price of gas in July.


  6. Awa ee Kenny. When fuel average $68.00 for 3-week we paid $13.65. Then protests got you to drop it to $10.65 when averaged at $47.00. Now it average at $45.00 how can that ever equate to us paying $13.36. It is simply impossible to understand this math.


  7. World fuel prices are trading lower than when ours was reduced to $10.65. How in God's name are we still paying such ridiculously high prices for fuel. Where is UWP in this? You start something. Finish it. Kenny is gouging us beyond anything imagineable.


    • I was thinking the same ting... if it were reverse, you would have seen prices go up by $1.00 or more.


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