Former Majestic workers send petition to PM Anthony

Former Majestic workers send petition to PM Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – About two hundred (200) male and female workers formerly employed with Majestic Industries Limited have signed and sent a Petition to Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

The Petition is requesting the Prime Minister’s intervention in an industrial matter involving the employees and the then owners of Majestic Industries Ltd.

Majestic Industries Limited, before folding its operations in Saint Lucia on 24 June 2004 had its base at Vide Bouteille in a huge factory on a substantial portion of land owned by an American Company in the USA.

Upon its closure, the then Minister for Labour, Hon. Velon John, instructed the then Labour Commissioner, Mr. Mac Stephen Aubertin, to hand over all relevant documents to Attorney at Law, Mr. Peter Foster.

The workers were also informed by the Department of Labour that as soon as the land and building were sold, they would receive compensation payments in keeping with the law and their individual entitlements.

Unfortunately, the process had not been concluded and to date, workers have not received any compensation.

The National Workers Union (NWU) has been monitoring this issue and is in full support of the Petition to the Prime Minister, signed by the workers and its call for the sale of the company’s assets, the proceeds of which would go towards compensating former employees of Majestic Industries Ltd.

Some workers have clocked in over thirty (30) years of service with the company.


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  1. CLASSIC example of so called investors who set up shop here, abuse local labour force, hinder family growth, stifle individual progress, affect generations and yet allowed to flee with after reaping millions from our land.

    Over 10 years now these poor souls, some of whom have toiled over 35 years for Majestic Industries have been waiting for some form of compensation and only to be left hanging with a petty promise to be reimbursed with monies recovered AFTER sale of assets. Thats messed up. Them bastards should never have been allowed to leave. Pay workers first.

    I do hope and pray that govt intervenes.


  2. "Over 30 years" which means that some are or about to be seniors. Wonder if any of the workers have passed... This is a sad situation that needs immediate intervention by the authorities. This matter has been in litigation for too long. Closure needed NOW-without politics, just common sense.


  3. Over an decade now, and labour authorities are now seeing the need to pursue this embarrassment to hard working, people of the soil. Anyways I pray this works out for those workers, some of whom have worked there for 35 plus years. Sadly that equates to over 7 political( pensionable) terms...

    Btw..i was raised in that factory. I just regretted not studying law to represent those persons.

    Those greedy lawyers want majority of the value of the remaining assets in order to represent those poor workers.


  4. did they use the workers as slaves? sure they did so why not sell the property and pay up?
    the money would come in handy.


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