Petition for fairer airline fares for Caribbean residents

By Ana Alleye

ggA concerned traveller is rallying support for a petition advocating for “same fares for Caribbean and UK travellers”.

Identified as London UK-based ‘Ted White’ on the petition site,, the taveller is petitioning British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

White states that a passenger starting their journey in the Caribbean has to pay up to 80 percent more to travel on the same plane, at the same time, and on the same day, as a passenger starting their journey in the UK.

White says this fares policy “discriminates” against travellers who begin their journey in the Caribbean.

He emphasises that passengers starting their journey in the Caribbean should have access to the same fares as those starting their journey in the UK.

“This unfair discrimination should be stopped,” White says, and notes that both airlines “control over 80 percent of all direct flights in the UK and the Caribbean”.

CLICK HERE if you’re interested in signing the petition.

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  1. That is something they do throughout the UK. UK business' are very cut throat in dealing with their custoners unlike in the USA.

    They gouge out the customers pockets.
    For example during school holidays prices for airline tickets go up by as much as 200%.

    UK busisess are cheapskates and because they are used to being ruled by an upper class and the elites the customers just take it.

  2. Slavery is still alive. No more plantations, but we still they working for them.

  3. Respectfully Sir, You need to set up a petition for the Caribbean Governments so they can reduce on the tax burden applied to airline tickets. If you take a look at the fare calculation or breakdown, you will see the total amount paid is very high however, almost 1/3 are local taxes that the local residents don't benefit from.

    We all look forward to flying on a safe airline and the carriers will never compromise safety. Aircraft parts are expensive. The food and other amenities, fuel cost, wages for staff and contractors, compensation when your bags are mishandled or flight is delayed more than 3 hours. Shareholders/Investors payout, fines when a few decide to place prohibited items in cargo shipment (dry coconuts and plantain).

    Below is self explanatory, a ticket on our regional carrier from St.Lucia to Grenada via Barbados. Be mindful the proposed increase departure tax is not yet in effect.

    I am in support that the fares should be across the board but we have to control what's within our grasp especially if it's not used to improve our product.

    Base Fare: 133.00 USD
    FIS (SLU-BGI): 5.00 USD
    SLU Airport Svc Charge (SLU-BGI): 25.19 USD
    Security Surcharge (SLU-BGI): 1.25 USD
    BGI P.F.C. (SLU-BGI): 1.50 USD
    SLU Security Charge (SLU-BGI): 4.82 USD
    Service Fee (SLU-BGI): 20.00 USD
    SLU Ticket Tax (SLU-BGI): 9.98 USD
    BGI Passenger Svc Charge (SLU-BGI): 5.00 USD
    BGI Security Fee (SLU-BGI): 3.20 USD
    GND Facilitation Charge (SLU-BGI): 7.41 USD
    GND A.C.I. Charge (SLU-BGI): 7.50 USD
    Total Fare Price: 223.85 USD

  4. Great


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