Petition circulates to stop development on Trouya beach

By SNO Staff

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Trouya Beach.

A group of public spirited citizens have been circulating a petition, to get as much signatures as possible, to assist them in stopping a tourism development at the Trouya Beach in Gros Islet. They have managed to get 207 signatures so far.

The petition is calling on the Government of St Lucia and the Commissioner of Crown Lands to deny the change of use of Trouya Beach to “touristic development.”

“We call for the Development Control Authority to recognise that the development is, in effect, a total “touristic development and not mixed use as the future owners will “lease back” to the hotel,” the petition reads.

The group has said that the last St Lucian beaches are being lost to developers, seeking only personal profit.

Trouya Beach and Cove is one of the last beaches in the North of the island that is accessible to locals to “lime”, play music and cookout.

“We call for the Commissioner of Crown Lands and the DCA to deny the application and to turn this beautiful area into a parkland permanently,” the petition further stated.

The group is also calling for the government to ensure that the Trouya beach will always be a public amenity for all St Lucians’ and visitors and not a private playground for the privileged few.

According to them, the proposed hotel development will stop this. “It will build on the “Queens Chain” up to the beach, putting a 52 room structure in place of the current natural environment,” it added.

The developer, according to the petition is leveraging his ownership of a mere 30,000 sq ft approximately of private land adjoining the “Queens Chain” to apply for the lease on 130,000 sq ft.

Trouya land is currently zoned for public and residential use.



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  1. if we have a goverment who is selling all we have just vote him out cos he dont care about the needs of st.lucians.

  2. The doors are open!

    Which one of you'll are trying to build a hotel. All of you'll are just going to work and back home.You'll need financial education. Who are you helping working for someone! Only yourself and that person(food for thought). Help your self and others and stop protesting against those who are helping others.

    Start a business saint Lucians, when you'll do that you'll will be helping others

    Why would you not support the people who are helping you and your children.

    Remember inflation? It's eating at your salary and your children's future.

    For example (vat)

    Start a business help others and yourself.

  3. Why don't they build all the hotels inland, then shuttle guests to the beach?

  4. Who gave them permission? The answer and solution may well be in your hands. Take action now!

  5. Lovely beach. Can use some preservation.

  6. enough is enough, no more beach hotels, what employment? the hotels pay their staff the minimum wage on a short term contract with no meaningful benefits, they destroy the natural beauty of the area.
    there is also the arrogance of it all.
    the last remaining beach in the North say NO to this development.

  7. Screw them developers and the dca. Give us lucians a break despite what you purport to be unlimited public access to beaches.

    Cases in point

    1) the pillars ( gates of Argonath) at Sandals Grande is to many locals, not me, looking at a barrel of a gun.

    2) the Sugar Beach Jalousie Mess; you can only access the beach if you are able to walk down a steep hill for over 20 minutes because no vehicular access is permitted. our beach between the pitons is not for the physically challenged.

    There are many more cases.

    Damn sellouts.

  8. i sincerely agree

  9. thats a good one

  10. Ahwa we cah say St.Lucia un spoilt no more aa aa remember a calypso song WE LOOSING GROUND well look it, hey d time has come to GET UP STAND UP 4 OUR RIGHTS AN DON,T GIVE UP DA FIGHT! we had enough from politricks an 4in investing walk all over us for what little we have left over 4 our children to enjoy PA E C AH UH COR.

  11. What Is going on in our country , but you no what Lucian's you. All like that all you all have is mouth and no action , you what Kenny dam right he should sell you all back yards too you bunch of toothless. Negroes you all cannot even go to pigeon point is that little you expect to take ,it's time you all people let Kenny and company know who is boss

  12. I need to sign also. Who do i meey to sign this.

  13. Fed up of this shit

    It would be beautiful to develop around the beaches but not with more hotels. A playground with food courts and proper toilets would be nice. Both locals and tourist would benefit from this.

  14. This will keep happening as long as we keep selling our birth rights of sweet ST.LUCIA to 4in people who look at our SLU as they ticket to riches them in return they make us work 4 them to survive in d same home we sold to them,my people it's ok 4u to show them u hungry buy never let them think u starving that's when they does take LA VA TAJ on us so lets put a stop to this,they can invest but give them limits not freedom to do as they please.

  15. Great idea. I fully support it. I always come back to this principle when talking about lucia's development - it cannot happen meaningfully until great swathes of the country are zoned for natural protection of habitats. This is necessary for the ecosystem. Not everywhere can be built on, and once it's built the green land is generally gone forever.

    Help protect the natural environment - sometimes doing nothing is the best way for people to enjoy it.

  16. So Mad cow...ure saying that its ok to sell us because it was done before

  17. I support the petition even if i ain't living close but I AM A ST. LUCIAN!!!

    The tourists coming from all to enjoy our beaches so give us the opportunity to enjoy what's rightfully ours!!!
    Leave the beach for the LOCALS!!!!!

  18. Lucians, you really don't know what you want wouldn't that provide employment??? Or you lucians happy to just go by the beach drink rum and play music because that is the only use of this beach at this time..?

    • Employment my ass. They have enough hotels on the island and they cannot even fill those rooms. The destroying the environment for more empty rooms. Look at Le Paradis.

  19. Ieave
    our beaches alone let the locals enjoy it.....x

  20. I don't live anywhere close to this particular beach but I support the petition. I would be happy to sign that petition. Remember when Frederick wanted to sell the piece of green just before the San soucie bridge how Kenny and his boys were against it. Look now they doing worst.

  21. you've got my signature. my not be there in person but i got you at heart.

  22. Leave the each u idiots. we are changing St. Lucia with our greed!

  23. Ah,Ah leave that one for us please.I support the petition.

  24. Next Kenny and the Labour Party will try to sell us to the lowest bidder. First he sold off the Sea Bed now he was to finish it off by selling off the beach front. Whats Next Lord? Them Men need to GO

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