Peterson Francis: I was not pushed to step down

Peterson Francis: I was not pushed to step down
Peterson Francis at a recent political meeting.
Peterson Francis at a recent political meeting.
Peterson Francis at a recent political meeting. Photo: UWP

Minutes after the announcement was made that Sarah Flood- Beaubrun will be the new United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Castries Central, Peterson Francis sought to explain the reason for stepping down.

Francis, a defector of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), said that over the last few days, he had reasons to reassess his position as the UWP candidate for Castries Central.

He contacted the political leader and the hierarchy of the party to express those concerns, which he described as “very strong family concerns”, expressing an interest in stepping down.

“The political leader asked me for a few days to consider the decision, which I gave. He came to me and said reluctantly that the decision has been accepted, because he realized that the concerns were very serious.”

The politician made it clear that he was “not pushed by the UWP” to withdraw from the race nor step down to allow  Flood- Beaubrun to run the seat at the next election.

Francis told the press that he is nevertheless happy that Flood- Beaubrun has been chosen to replace him.

“We have a personal relationship. I could tell you I’m her customs broker. Not financial broker,” he joked. “I was extremely happy and I want to assure you that you have my support 100 percent.”

Francis had won the runoff to represent the main opposition in Central Castries at the next election. He had defeated Bain Nathaniel at the UWP’s run-off held Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015.


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  1. SLP hacks sounding nervous. What the UWP decides is not for you to worry about. The people will ultimately decide who they want.


  2. Reliable sources tell that the UWP did a poll in 4 constitutiencies with Sarah and she would win in all 4 including Central but she did not want to run.
    Following that the internal polls showed that the SLP would win 9- 8 or 10-7.
    With Sarah in Central everything change.

    Richard should support Sarah because the him in trouble with the visa issue.


  3. One can some of you be so stupid and believe Chasnnet will be prime minister of st Lucia .lmao you'll are killing me lollollol so silly


  4. People as much as I hate to admit it the SLP will win again... Everywhere you turn the UWP is splitting the votes because they had too many issues... I think the country will die with another five years of the SLP with Kenny at the helm so I suggest everyone with a visa should look for a flight and go somewhere else and live illegally. They will be much happier there...


  5. Just like Pep and Robert were allegedly kicked out for Victorin and Hilaire respectively, so was Francis for Flood-Beaubrun.


  6. That's ridiculous!! U were endorsed, ur face on the constituency office, now I changing candidates. Flambeau get ur act together so I can vote for someone other than Stanley......!!!!


  7. This is a class act.
    Sarah can now breath out and relax.
    With the support of Mr. Francis, it's a win win situation.


  8. Before some of yall say it's roro....IT'S NOT..It's called DEMOCRACY. Something the Labour party has no knowledge of..Well done UWP! Vote Labour out.


  9. If Bain lost the runoff why isn't he the one selected or a new runoff to select the candidate.


  10. Well said Peterson. He has shown a lot of character in making sure the team to take down the incompetent Kenny goes forward in strength.

    Well done.
    And the UWP polls show that not only is Sarah taking Central but at least 5 others that she was polled in if she had run them!

    Mr Incompetent and VAT man Kenny in trouble!


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