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Peter & Company opens new ‘Food Mart’


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(PRESS RELEASE) — Just before the holidays, Peter & Company Distribution (PCD), has opened a new retail outlet, giving customers a fresh shopping experience here in Saint Lucia.

PCD Food Mart opened its doors on December 20, 2018 at the S&S plaza in Bois D’Orange. And, already customers are singing the praises of the outlet.

“It’s good to have something like this right here at the Plaza where you have adequate parking. And between S&S and the PCD Food Mart you can get just about everything you need with just one stop,” Chelsea John, a satisfied customer, said.

According to Manager of PCD Food Mart Leo Lionel, the retail outlet has been in the making now for well over a year.

“Right now we have the Wet and Cold outlets and House of Wines and Spirits that we will be re-branding soon in the coming months. But we realized the need for a store of this size somewhere in the north, we did our research and analysis, submitted a proposal to our Board which was then approved,” Lionel said.

“This location is perfect, we believe, because of the volume of traffic it receives and the combination of the different outlets within the plaza, including S&S itself,” he went on to say.

But what will distinguish the PCD Food Mart from other retail outlets? “Pricing, variety, discounts, specials and customer service,” Lionel said.

“Every day we will have major dip discounts as customers are already experiencing. In addition PCD has the widest variety on island when it comes to distribution and quality brands that our customers are familiar with. Some of these brands are manufactured by our group like Eve, Farmers Choice, Tropic Fresh and Bop. So with all of this and our strong customer base, we are confident that we will offer the best shopping experience for our customers,” the PCD Food Mart manager added.

Every week PCD Food Mart will also display snap trims outside its doors, where customers will be exposed to an advertising board showcasing the specials on for the day or the week.

The Food Mart also intends to offer a deli, providing customers with items such as sandwiches, rotisserie, coffees, rotis and salads — to go.

“We really want to make that difference in shopping, recognizing that shopping patterns have changed, based on the way people work and the traffic they encounter on the highway. So you can do your shopping after work and pick up something to eat when you get home. Or you may just want to pop in during the day to pick up something to eat while you are on the go,” Lionel explained.

The PCD Food Mart has also been able to make a small dent in unemployment here, with the hiring of 12 permanent staff members.

This weekend PCD Food Mart will offer customers loads of specials, food and drink sampling as well as discounts on current and future purchases.

PCD Food Mart is open this Friday and Saturday until 8:30 p.m. and until 5 p.m. on Sunday.

After the holidays, PCD Food Mart’s opening hours will coincide with that of the S&S plaza.

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  1. What a breath of fresh air.

    • A breath of fresh air for who ?? Have you seen the prices in that supermarket the working poor can hardly get by. Then again political connected Peter Pumpkin Eater & Company were always a leech on the backs of the working poor in St Lucia's history along with S&S and the back in the day JQ all these people use their political monopoly economics to build their empire on the backs of poor St Lucians for decades. The saga continues in 2018 must be the off springs following in tradition not my money they getting time has evolved and some of us pilgrims have become wise to their ways.


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