Group seeking to discredit Allen Chastanet could face criminal prosecution – sources

Group seeking to discredit Allen Chastanet could face criminal prosecution – sources
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

Sources within the United Workers Party (UWP) have said that consideration is being given to plans to criminally prosecute persons who are making attempts to discredit party leader – Allen Chastanet.

The sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that the “AllenChastanetMustGo” moonlighting under the banner of UWP dissatisfied operatives is currently circulating a fraudulent document that it claims emanated from the American University in Washington, USA.

“The university has stated that the letter, which was mentioned by a known Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) operative on his Radio St. Lucia morning show, is fraudulent and persons engaging in such can be prosecuted,” a source told this publication.

Party sources have also confirmed that the stamped letter has been verified and is authentic.

UWP inside sources have also confirmed that the university has been notified of the fraudulent letter and steps are being taken by the university to protect its name in this matter.

“The party says that this is a grave matter and a criminal offence. One that can see the group prosecuted if the matter reaches the court,” sources said.

“They are so desperate that they will perform criminal acts just to discredit someone. This is not new because they have done similar acts before, faking a degree of a minister who did not have a doctorate, Grynberg, Rochamel, Helenites Affair and so many others where they have lied and broken the law.”




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  1. The letter from American University dated June 17, 2015 stating Allan Chastanet had no academic record there is a fake. The syntax and phrasing are not American. They are Saint Lucian - as is the punctuation error. These are dirty tricks and not very clever ones. I hope the tricksters are unmasked.


  2. Lucians need to stop the gossip and put your own houses in order. How many of you are church goers and yet you doing the devils work.

    It's like Lucians can't handle facts or basic reason. Shameful.


  3. If UWP group have sue then sue. Don't talk. Just sue . It will be interesting to see who falls flat on their face. All I can say us that it's a bit late for all of that to be happening. That should have been settled a long time ago . This is carnival politics: revealing yet concealing so very much


  4. strange how I am unable to make comments on this page nowadays. Al of a sudden. again this labor party is good at propaganda....damn nasty st Lucians. will stop at nothing to get good people out of their way. don't worry ask of them will pay for this.


  5. So i heard a preliminary investigation is leaning to three women one of whom is a known trouble maker in Saint Lucia. The same woman who wanted jadia in a straight jacket. I am also hearing the university is taking action and an arrest warrant is in the making. Wee mama....


  6. go full steam ahead and sue them mr Chastenet. Tired of shelfish Daniel rants on my tax funded radio station. Besides suing all and sundry is Kenny's greatest legacy in Slu politics. Give his little black boys a taste of their own medicine.


  7. CHEWPS!! a bunch of fools on either party playing games. I am campaigning for a third party and will encourage others to follow. its high time we disrupt the two party system. Why are they so afraid of Chastanet ? Do any of you remember a picture on the front page of the star with Kenny Anthony, Michael Chastanet, Donald Trump and Butch Stewart? What went wrong with the happy bunch? chewps.

    Playing games and the people suffer and SLP trying to make King comeback only to insult him like a fool and we seek deeper into debt like Greece.


  8. Good such desperation and classlessness coming from the labour camp! Next stop is that labour Facebook page SLAP where all and sundry can just make up stories and peddle them aa truth. I am disgusted by the actions of some who call themselves teachers yet they are proud to defend dishonesty and fraud. Look today one was trying to body shame Gale tell me how is that aiming for progress.


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