Pelting bottle gets man in trouble

Pelting bottle gets man in trouble

A 24-year-old unemployed man was fined $1,000 for bursting a man’s head with a bottle.

Sanjay Augustin received the fine from Castries Magistrate Charon Gardner on Monday.

Augustin, on Saturday May 12, 2012, in the vicinity of Victoria Street, injured virtual complainant (VC) Kurt Sylvester. Augustin denied the charge.

Sylvester said he was returning home after closing his business when he had a verbal altercation with a cousin.

The cousin, Philbert ‘Nigel’ Sylvester, along with the defendant, then pulled a glass bottle from their pockets and pelted them at the VC, the court heard.

According to Kurt Sylvester, the attack stemmed from an earlier altercation between himself and Philbert’s mother.

Sylvester was treated at Victoria Hospital and reported the matter, which was investigated by Constable Eldin Antoine. Philbert and Augustine were arrested ad read their charges.

Philbert pleaded guilty to the charge and Augutin was sent to trial for his not guilty plea.

Following testimony by Constable Antoine, Magistrate Gardner handed down her verdict, stating she believed that Augustin threw bottles at Sylvester, and that one of those bottles caused him serious injury.

Augustin, who has been unemployed for some time since dropping out of school at the age of 16, has the alternative of spending three months at Bordelais if he cannot pay the fine.

In addition, Magistrate Gardner made it a condition of the court that Augustin was to enroll at the National Skills Development Centre “to learn a trade.”

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