‘Peeping Tom’ on the loose in La Bayee

By SNO Staff
Photo credit: freakingnews.com

Photo credit: freakingnews.com

Several female residents of La Bayee, Bexon have expressed fear of getting raped after a string of ‘peeping Tom’ incidents.

The latest incident occurred close to midnight on Wednesday, March 15, according to one resident in an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

“We have reason to believe that there is a suspected rapist on the loose,” she said.

She said on Wednesday night, a man was caught peeping at her neighbour through a window.

“She was apparently alone but when her boyriend came, the man ran off,” she said.

The man was again caught staring at her cousin through a window.

“She screamed and when her mom and sisters came out, the person ran again in a dark alley before my home. The dog barked continuously,” the terrified woman explained, adding that residents are not sure who the creepy male is.
A discussion with other neighbours revealed that this has been happening every night for the past two weeks.

Another resident told SNO she believes the man is pleasuring himself whenever he peeps at them.

“I don’t think that man is well in his brain,” she said.

The residents said they have informed the police.

A peeping Tom is a person who obtains sexual gratification by observing others surreptitiously, especially a man who looks through windows at night, according to dictionary.com.

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  6. Paula you dont have balls, its easy for you. i agree about the trap, but then the authorities have to take over. A little love before the authorities get involved is OK .

  7. So Lucian to your Problem

    Yall should Wait for di salop and Throw Hot Water on him .. Put Bob wire or Something where you knw he does always watch frm .. set him up real Good an Torture the Focker

  8. That pic though.

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