CIBC Firstcaribbean restores Soufriere Hospital’s pediatric ward

CIBC Firstcaribbean restores Soufriere Hospital’s pediatric ward

PRESS RELEASE – CIBC FirstCaribbean has adopted the Pediatric Ward of the Soufriere Hospital as part of its 2014 Adopt-a-Cause Programme.

The program has over the years contributed towards the work of a number of local community groups that add value to the lives of the elderly and youth on island.

The annual Adopt-a-Cause Programme is a community-focused programme spearheaded by the bank’s employees, who identify and select organisations within their communities that can benefit from a helping hand.

The programme highlights CIBC FirstCaribbean’s commitment to strengthening and enriching the lives of members of our communities.

It brings the institution’s staff together to make a positive impact through hands-on involvement in worthy family and community level initiatives.

One differentiating factor of this campaign is that CIBC FirstCaribbean staff members come together and select projects that they themselves are passionate about and that they deem worthy within their communities.

Traditionally, the bank’s branches each select a cause to champion, and in previous years these have ranged from refurbishing a number of primary and secondary schools for the new school year to assisting community outreach groups like The Salvation Army, National Community Foundation, National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities and the Gros Islet Soup Kitchen in meeting the needs of persons within their various communities.

This year CIBC FirstCaribbean employees decided to pool resources and focus on sprucing up the Pediatric Ward of the Soufriere Hospital. Restoration activities included replacement of the roof, replacement of broken tiles and louvers, refurbishing of beds and cradles as well as resurfacing of bedside tables.

A number of employees armed with paints, brushes and positive attitudes gathered at the hospital and over a number of hours transformed the Pediatric Ward into a bright and colourful area perfect for engaging and captivating the attention of children.

In addition to adding a splash of colour, two employees created an alluring mural depicting a lush tranquil scene.

Other finishing touches included a toy drive, painting of colourful seating / storage boxes, provision of curtains and bed linens and installation of ceiling and standing fans, with a total cost of the entire restoration project at $14,000.00.

Speaking on the success of the Adopt a Cause Programme, Country Manager, Ladesa James-Williams, noted: “The communities to the south of the island are fiercely loyal to CIBC FirstCaribbean and so this year our employees were extremely passionate about making a difference at the Soufriere Hospital, particularly knowing that the improvements would be enjoyed by the children and families within the community.

Our aim for this year’s Adopt a Cause Programme was to create an environment in the pediatric ward that is both inviting and comfortable and a cheerful space that encourages positive health.

We thank the staff of the Soufriere Hospital who welcomed us through their doors and facilitated our Adopt a Cause Project, an expression of our Brand Promise of being “First for Communities”.


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