Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi weight loss competition organized by Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations

Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi weight loss competition organized by Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations

7ac7f7df-57b5-4799-a86e-caefe8930101PRESS RELEASE – Pedi Gwés Sent Lisi Bon Santé Pou Lavi is the weight loss competition organized by the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations geared at assisting competitors to manage their weight by making lifestyle changes through proper eating habits and an exercise routine.

The competition with began on August 27th brought together ninety participants from nine health regions  to participate in five core activities namely, 2 health and nutrition workshops, a walk/hike to Moule A Chique, a Daneathon at the CSA Centre and an obstacle course held on Sunday 22nd November at Vigie Beach.

Participants were engaged in a 15 minute self defense session with Sensi Timothy Francis 8th degree black belt as a precursor to the grueling obstacle course which followed.

“The demonstration is based on the scenario of someone trying to strangle you, trying to grab hold of you in bed, trying to do things to you that you don’t want them to do and then you’re trying to stop him from doing it.” Francis said.


The obstacle course which was coordinated by Andrew Felix, Life Coach and Fitness Instructor at Fitness Freaks Gym, saw participants jumping through and flipping over tires, weight lifting , leaping over a step 20 times, testing their endurance in rope exercises and culminating in spinning round a pole five times, twice, then sprinting to the finishing line.

Felix took time out to explain the rules of the competition to the competitors while acknowledging that the obstacle course was also meant to be fun and exciting.

“It’s a timed obstacle course. If you cannot complete one of the activities you will not be timed, your time will be voided but you can carry on to do the rest of the obstacle course.”

Most participants started out at a blistering paste but soon found the going very tough towards the end of the obstacle course. However, all but one participant did not complete every stage of the course on the advise of her doctor and participants found the course extremely challenging but enjoyable.

Dona Randolph (region 4): “Oh its been great, I feel good now. I have lost a total of 15lbs and I am feeling much better.”

Marie Annie Jn Baptiste (regions 7): “I have learnt allot of things, I have learnt how to eat, to exercise. It has motivated me to go forward.”

Christianna Johnny (region 3): “Now when I am passing people call me and ask, Christina how you look so nice? So I really feel good about the Pedi Gwes Competition…The Pedi Gwes competition is very nice because it makes you look good and loose the weight.”


Zarella Philbert (region 5): “Pedi Gwes I think is a good thing not only for us but for St. Lucia because we have allot of persons I think could still come on board and have a lifestyle change where good health is showcased. Where you eat properly, you actually exercise and you are happy, you feel good, you look good.”

The obstacle course was the final group activity for this year’s inaugural Pedi Gwes Competition. All equipment of the obstacle course was sponsored by Fitness Freaks Gym.

The final weight-in for participants is set for Friday 27th November in their respective regions at which participants will find out their total weight loss over the three month long competition.  Up for grabs at the prize giving ceremony on Sunday 6th December is the coveted prize for the biggest individual looser and region with the biggest combined weight loss, among other wonderful prizes.

Organizers of the competition expressed their extreme satisfaction with the commitment of participants for the duration competition, their dedication to training and commitment to their meal plans.  Some participants have lost as much as 31 pounds and counting and have pledged to continue their weight loss journey even after the competition comes to an official end.


Organizers have also expressed their appreciation to the fitness instructors Tennile Wolff of Zumba Fitness, Andrew Felix of Fitness Freaks and Sensi Timothy Francis, who worked tirelessly with the participants throughout the competition free of charge.

The Pedi Gwes Competition is the brain child of Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Hon. Alvina Reynolds after receiving a donation of over 124 Hi-Tec Body Mass Index  (BMI) scales from the Peoples Republic of China (Taiwan) in July 2014.

The main organizers of the Pedi Gwes Competition include: Assistant Principle Nursing Officer -Nurse Julietta Joseph, Public Health Nursing Supervisor – Nurse Claudius Desir, Chief Nutritionist – Lisa Hunt Mitchell, Health Educator – Allison Isebert and Information Officer – Glen Simon from the Ministry of Health.


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