Pedestrian seriously injured in Vide Boutielle Highway accident (+videos)

Pedestrian seriously injured in Vide Boutielle Highway accident (+videos)
Scene of the accident at Bisee
Scene of the accident at Bisee

(SNO) – A man has been hospitalised after he was reportedly struck by a motor vehicle near the Bisee junction on the Vide Boutielle Highway in Castries on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 15.

The accident occurred in the vicinity of the pedestrian bridge.

Video clips showing the aftermath of the accident have begun to appear on social media.

In the videos, the victim, identified as Perci Lewis, 20, of Monchy, Gros Islet, is face-down on the road, next to a parked car, and being attended to by at least two people, a man and a woman, with curious onlookers nearby. It was not immediately known if the car shown next to the victim in the videos was involved in the accident.

In one of the videos, persons say the victim was struck while attempting to cross the road.

A male says in the video that the man appears to have sustained a broken hand and leg.

Our newsroom also received reports that emergency services responded to a motor vehicle accident in the area at 4:26 p.m. and transported a male, by ambulance, to Victoria Hospital with a leg injury.

The current medical condition of the man is not known.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Below are two video clips of the accident. Be advised that the videos may appear graphic to some persons.




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  1. [email protected] You'll must learn. Right under the walkover. Now imagine if he had taken just a few more seconds to use the walkover. I hope that driver gets away without charge. You'll St. Lucians like too much damn convenience.


    • Must be careful as there is a emergency break in the barrier right under the walkway. There are no laws neither are there signs to indicate that there should be no crossing in that area. Traffic signs must be explicit especially in an area where the traffic peaks at certain times. I am sure that you would not expect someone logically to use the overhead walkway after 8 pm and before 7 am. Accidents do happen if drivers or pedestrians are inattentive. Matter of fact I am surprised that there aren't many more deaths resulting form an ill-conceived, poorly constructed and dangerous road.


  2. When are my people going to learn to use the WALK OVER and STOP RUN ACROSS THE ROAD BETWEEN THE MEDIAN BARRIERS. The right of a driver is to avoid an accident as much as possible but how can he avoid running you down when you come from nowhere running across the road when that driver is coming down with a normal driving speed for the highway. People the few minutes it would take you to walk up, across and then down can keep all your bones in check and also save your life. Look how you are sprawled out on the road there with broken bones and pain all this could have been avoid. And the thing that kills me is that he's not the first one who got injured there and also like this along that highway. All your ass exposed for the world to see in the video. GROWN PEOPLE AND TEENAGERS STOP BEING STUPID BY RUNNING ACROSS THE BARRIERS AND PLEASE USE THE WALK OVERS. They are there for your own safety.


    • So true. The one that really gets me is when I see mothers/women with little children trying to run across the four lanes right under the walkover by Massy Mega. They really need to be charged, not just for jaywalking but more so for endangering the lives of innocent minors.

      This scenario is very common at the site of the walkover in front of Massy Mega (Choc roundabout)... utterly ridiculous!


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