Pedestrian dies after being struck by car on Vide Boutielle Highway; leg severed

Pedestrian dies after being struck by car on Vide Boutielle Highway; leg severed

A young male pedestrian whose leg was severed during a road accident on the Vide Boutielle Highway early Monday morning (June 10), has died, according to law enforcement sources.

A law enforcement source said the victim’s name is Ted Leriche.

The victim’s Facebook profile page has been receiving ‘RIP’ (rest in peace) messages since mid-morning.

Two amateur videos showing the aftermath of the accident has been circulating on social media.

One shows Ted’s severed leg next to a police cone on the northbound lane and his body facedown on the southbound lane. In this same video, two persons lift Ted and take him to the side of the road.

In the second video, Ted is surrounded by numerous persons, some of whom look agitated. A male tries to force open the door of the car believed to be involved in the accident. Below are the two videos. The second video is very graphic therefore viewer discretion is advised.


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  1. Too many things in this story point to suicide. This should not be overlooked and therefore that needs an investigation.


  2. With such a rap sheet and several cases pending, the behaviour appears to be suicidal more than anything else. The crossing point was distinctly deliberate.


    • That man must have been very drunk. With his judgement impaired, he thought that he was Superman.


  3. Another future nobel prize winner struck down in his prime. Let me guess, its Chastanet fault?


    • Walking across the highway like this is having a death wish come true. You are just too stupid to be alive if you attempt it. He should have been sober and did not have to go there. Another one bites the dust.


  4. St.Lucia people needs to be educated or get first aid training. The poor victim on the ground should NEVER be moved. More damage is likely to be done to him. We don't know what other injuries he sustained, it's normal, we are help, but unfortunately, we are doing more damage to the injured man. My heart pains me for him. I hope he didn't suffer too much. RIP young man. Gone too soon indeed.


  5. The organisers of the event should not have been given the approval by the authorities for the following reasons.

    1. The location is along a hectic, challenging two lane highway.

    2. Cones were placed on the white line separating the narrow lanes, which required greater navigation, plus the usual disadvantages of lights from the vehicles traveling south bound.

    Assuming there was a traffic management plan, what went wrong?

    This brings to the fore the inconsistency in granting approvals for various activities by authorities in this country.


  6. You guys need to take into consideration that the guy was most likely under the influence. this is an unfortunate happening that he died.Not pointing any fingers but the root of all this is the locations of the event. the promoters are not to be blamed for his death fully but in some way they are. this is no good location for any event. BEING REALISTIC i dont think many ppl under the influence will go all the way up or down from where the event was held to cross the street. This was just very unfortunate. And this isn't a good location for any event. We need to take safety into consideration in all aspects when planning big events like these. We need to cater for all the possibilities.


    • The organizers are to blame for idiots trying to jump a divider in one of the most-trafficked thoroughfares on the island? Really? Then you just as insane as the dead, old hardback idiot. What will you blame others for whn tomorrow comes? The sunrise?


      • Who's dick are u riding? Dont u read to understand? my gosh!!!! this is exactly why u will stay poor. u ride the dick of the rich and famous. The organizers dont need you to defend them bruv!! no one said its their fault fully but i can grantee you that if it was not at this location this would not have happened?!!! as the comment said "unfortunate" smfh now have a seat miss defender!


        • John 3:16. By the same token, why not just cancel all events? Nobody will ever cross the dividers after that. You nincompoop!


  7. All u are idiots. Theres a big event like that there should have police to control speed limit cuz there was hundreds of ppl there.
    Tell me why would u leave all by cricks and walk up bisse to get to the crossover and walk back down?
    He was not by the crossover so stop talking stupidness


    • For a simple reason like this,its why you,use the overpass,and walk back down,u cant put an overpass everywhere someone decides to cross.


    • You would leave all by cricks and walk up to Bisee to save your life. Your kind of thinking is part of the problem!!!


    • So you saying when there is an event people should jump the median??...U are the definition of a CUNT!


  8. It is incomprehensible that the Police gave permission to the organisers to host a show where the entrance and exit to this event goes into a narrow double lane busy highway. This was a disaster waiting to happen. we have become a society where the 'so call privileged few get away with 'buying' their way and treated differently.....


  9. This incident also occurred after an event .....there are many factors to take into consideration concerning this unfortunate situation


  10. On the real,hard luck for the youth.But you see the idiots that damaged the drivers car and attempted to cause harm to him...yall woulda be in problems with me!!! Had I been the driver...


    • Well said smoothe they know who they doing their shitt if was some real niggas in that ride yall ass would be on stretchers!! Nonsense. He was wrong to cross the median yall idiots. Ignorant illiterate fools. In body bags the whole lot!!


  11. That's what happens when laws are broken.USING THE OVER PASS SAVE LIVES DONT MAKE DISTANCE AN ISSUE.


  12. Bible in a Year
    June 10
    New Testament Verse of the Day:
    That's why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
    –2 Corinthians 12:10


    • His Christ was drugs and alcohol. Serves him right. No person in his right mind does this and then wades into upcoming traffic. Nobody with smarts does this. That's for fools.


  13. This is heartbreaking!! What also heartbreaking is the way the driver may feel knowing that a young man is dead and fingers may be pointed at him as a result of this pedestrian crossing the road the way he was not supposed to!

    Condolences, strength going out to the young man's family and i pray for strength and guidance for the the driver !!