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Pearl of the Caribbean developer to give update on the project

By SNO Staff

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Artiste’s rendition of a section of the project

(SNO) — Desert Star Holding (DSH) Pearl of the Caribbean developer Theo Ah-King will be giving an update on the project in the “Chamber Encounter With the Prime Minister” organized by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture.

The event will take place on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at Coco Palm Conference Room, Coco Palm Hotel.

Ah King will provide an update on the project and present additional information to the business community.

According to the St. Lucia Chamber, its members and the wider community remain interested in the project and would like more information and clarity on it.

“Moreover, the Chamber is interested in how the local private sector and investors can be part of the red meat of this project sooner rather than later,” it said in a statement. “The Prime Minister for his part will surely be bombarded with questions by Chamber Members on issues such as, the Hewanorra International Airport, St. Judes Hospital, National Health Insurance, Upgrade of the road network, the National Apprenticeship Program, Private Sector involvement, Government Procurement, and update son the range of projects announced in the 2018/2019 Budget.”

The Chamber said scores of business people have already registered to be part of the event and a large turnout is expected.

“The Chamber has over the last few months intensified its engagement with Key Government Officials in its effort to ensure that its members are well informed and able to take advantage of Government Policy and its various initiatives,” it said in the statement. “Additionally the Chamber continues to vigorously represent its members, their interests on various fronts and will raise the bothersome issue of ‘increased support and facilitation to local investors’ at its upcoming Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 29th, November, 2018 at the Bay Gardens Hotel where a panel discussion on the topic ‘Invigorating the Local Investment Climate’ will be held.”

The Chamber expects all its members and a number of specially invited guests to register for the event.

The Pearl of the Caribbean is a $2.6 billion project in Vieux Fort which, according to the developers, has been designed to attract investment and tourism from China and other leading first world countries.

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  1. This will be another white elephant like the one in St.Kitts

  2. The tractors rusting just now paint all the pretty pictures they want

  3. how many hundred years we gave the land to the chinese for free?? jack-ahse! u all go and sign 100 year deal with chinese . no vetting. and land takeover for longer than you ahses are alive. how does one squander a nation's heritage like that. and to chinese, of all people! good luck, you all shall need it. i hope you all got an escape clause out of the deal. a short one, to undo the damage. stupid eh!

    • The believers don't see it that way they are hypnotized with the glossy pictures and less concerned that their children children will be paying for it and only after one hundred years it will handed over to them God only knows in what state to start making a profit for themselves. I am not blaming the Chinese I am not blaming King ; I lay the blame squarely at the feet of our leaders. Prime beach front property at 1 dollar a square feet for lease for 100yrs I don't have to pay any VAT for the duration even after I am dead and gone my inheritors are entitled to the same , I keep all the proceeds from the sale of CIP for DHS not even the government present or future gets a cent. I am not bounded by contract to hire locals I keep all proceeds from DHS, the present government or future government cannot be an investor What the DEAL OF THE CENTURY even Trump would want a piece of this. Which business man in the right frame of mind would not kill for this ? I don't the Chinese a jackass give you this take it and run with it I would

  4. Chamber some of your members are Elcheapos they sit on their millions and refuse to invest and get upset when others want to utilize the same lands they reject.

    • so true, let them sit on it, and when they fall sick they afraid to die because they remembering the millions they sitting on,and never invest to at least to give somebody a work, i know they can do what they want, they can't ever stop that project,


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