Peadro receives an early Christmas gift compliments Digicel!

Peadro receives an early Christmas gift compliments Digicel!
Digicel's Sergin John Baptiste with Peadro and his new wheelchair.
Digicel’s Sergin John Baptiste with Peadro and his new wheelchair.

This Christmas Peadro Francois can now move around with ease.

For many ease of mobility is normal, but for Peadro who is paralyzed from his neck down, he has had to utilize a worn-out wheel chair which provided much discomfort.

Paedro, a 13-year-old from Barnard Hill, Castries with an indomitable spirit, has been selected as one of the recipients of Digicel’s Caring Connections initiative to receive a new wheelchair.

A witty and loveable young man, Peadro has been paralyzed from birth and has had his wheel chair for many years.  The wheel chair has undergone much wear and tear, and as a result, is very uncomfortable and a bit of a hassle to maneuver.

Digicel, on December 5, 2012, surprised Peadro and his mother with a brand new wheel chair which will assist in making life a bit easier. Happy for this wonderful gift, Peadro’s mother Lorina said, “Thank you to Digicel for helping my son receive this necessity.  We have wanted to get him a new wheel chair for so long but have been unable to purchase one.  Thank you so much for making this Christmas happier, not only for Peadro, but for us all.”

“Because Peadro has certain limitations in the natural world, being able to move from one location to the next proved a bit of a challenge to him. Digicel in the spirit of sharing smiles for Christmas decided to assist Paedro and put an end to his discomfort while making his mobility more comfortable,” said Kerchelle Jn Charles, Digicel’s marketing manager. “Today Digicel has provided witty and loveable Peadro with a new beginning and possibilities as he can now be moved from the confines of his home.”

Digicel Caring Connections programme is part of Digicel’s fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility. Caring Connections seeks to make connections in all of the communities around St Lucia and to assist persons or groups with projects that would enhance their lives and the lives of the community.

This Christmas let’s rejoice with Peadro Francois and his family for his new appreciation of the wonder of Christmas.


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  1. Many thanks goes out to Digicel for making this litttle boy very happy this christmas!!! Have a merry Chrismas to All!!!! Keep up the good work Digicel!!!!


  2. awww nice....i am so happy for you peadro. This is what i am talking about reaching out to persons with disabilities. They are human beings just like us and i think the the govrnment should concentrate a little more on these children in ensuring that they get the same treatment as those who are priviledged. Hope this is not an end but there would certainly be more to come.


  3. i am so happy to hear this i hope thats he and his family will have less trpuble moving around and have a merry xmas 2012


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