Pay outstanding sum to Vieux Fort fisherman – Dr. Anthony says


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Kenny Anthony

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South calls upon the Fisheries Complex to settle an outstanding payment to the Vieux Fort fishing community for the supply of fish to the complex for the period March to May, 2017.

According to Dr. Anthony, “While delays in settling payments are not uncommon, a delay of nearly one year is unacceptable. The non-payment of outstanding sums to fisher folk have serious consequences. The fisher folk have families to feed and the economy of Vieux Fort heavily depends on income from the fishing sector.To make matters worse, boat owners are required to pay the extra $1.50 on a gallon of gas thus increasing their costs.If the complex is unable to pay all that is due, then at least dialogue with the representatives of the fisher folk and produce a schedule of payments.”

Dr. Anthony says that he hopes that this matter is resolved within the next month for the latest.


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  1. The Customs department in StLucia are the biggest crooks. Every one trying to charge people the most that they can so that they look good. I will never bring anything to StLucia again and you all can go to hell. Bunch of crooks.


  2. The Customs department in StLucia are the biggest crooks. Every one trying to charge people the most that they can so that they look good. I will never bring anything to StLucia again and you all can go to hell. Bunch of crooks.


  3. WTF you would read these comments and assume all St. Lucians are f @#%ing morons. Classic case of shooting the messenger in the typical Lucian style.

    You have a government organ owning fishermen for OVER ONE YEAR! HOW is that acceptable??? And your big problem is Kenny said it?? JAH! Makes you want to pull your hair out at how retarded some people are.


  4. Some of you ppl have no idea as to wats goin on and you should be ashamed of yourselves, not being a bias person Buh where in gods earth have you heard ppl being owed money’s for over a yr with no assurity of being payed? You’ll sit and chastise Buh look at the bigger picture. Who’s suffering from all these delays, is it government or the people and the families they owe?
    Look I’m a fisherman and when I could suck in or absorb this delayed payments, there’s others that can’t. I think we need to look at the bigger picture here n not criticize anybody cuz we have to criticize we need to start with those in office who’s not addressing the problems of the ppl and for all of you with the negativity and negative comments, under kennys watch the complex never owe me or any other person money’s for more than 6 months. And I want anyone to take me up on this cuz I kno majority of you who commented haven’t gone fishing further more own a boat.


  5. Don't pay and Dr. Anthony will have the fishermen collective pay him to represent them in court.


  6. Anyone who cares about the country would not have written any of the previous comments. If the government owes the fisherman then pay the fishermen. If it is not paying them then it is playing in the hands of the opposition which it knows very well will score political points from it. So no matter how much contributors to this forum huff and puff, and pretend there is no merit in KDA statement, there are set of people who have a legitimate grievance which they cannot wish away. That once upon a time shoes was on the other foot is even more reason that it shouldn't be happening again. Besides I'm sure that it didn't go unnoticed by the opposition.

    St. Lucia is for all of us. If it is ok then we are ok. If it is not we to are not ok. If the country thrives we all do. If not we all go down with it. But we the ordinary people have a significant part to play in this scheme of things which applying our best objective judgement to events and situations when we are faced with them.


    • Everyone will agree that the fishermen should be paid on time at all times. The problem we all have is the hypocrisy with Kenny Anthony and his use of the poor fishermen from VFort as a political football. he does that nonsense very time he is in opposition. When he is in government he would treat them worse. In 2010 he lead a disturbance at the VFort pond for the same reason. As MP for these same fishermen, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance he had these same fishermen in the same situation with the price of Fuel at its highest ever.

      Go to you tube and search for 'ANOTHER CLASSIC DISPLAY OF KENNY AND TONY"


    • It is amazing that Dale Jacob's comment which is neutral and most analytical posted after this article gets some thumbs down while some purely anti KDA and some with no focus on the issues even with obscenities (never mind the use of abbreviations, we know what they mean) get thumbs up. I am really now concerned about the 43% preschoolers level adults in our midst.


    • Lamebrain, go to church and pray for your laughable attempt at willful deceit. Either you are, or are just like the person trying to full us even now with more hot air.

      We are tired of you all tricks. You are as obvious as a rhyming glass bowl.


  7. Kenny Anthony you not ashamed smfh


  8. But is you...Who never pay the fisher's...What you talking about Delusional Lunatic...Yes the Fisher's wwill be paid under this my Government.But you have no say Kenny leather face Anthony...You should not talk,'' Please don't speak (Hush.....You got some nerves.Fucing Ball's...Kenny Anthony Former,past Participle idiot Prime minister is Delusional. ...aWhat Kenny Anthony smoking.....Your ass should have payef these people all these Atrocities was done during your Administration,so i am baffled by your concern and interference......Shut up,ut a Gag on your Mouth,''What the hell going on in St.Lucia ....Dear God.Kenny,Kenny, Kenny, Don't Speak..


  9. I remember the same thing happening multiple times over his 5 years and he did squat about it. Throughout his time as representative and prime minister and he did nothing to correct this situation. FOH.


  10. Give de people de money!!!!! Give him a chance in government again and he wouldn't give a damn about the fishermen...hypocrite!!


  11. Some people should just keep on stooling and try to make more sense.


  12. Labour just left the scene as the last government. That is Just two years past the rejection of the fakes that was the SLP government.

    Who was the fool in charge, that did not put in the place measures to make the Complex more able to pay its short-term financial obligations? Who?

    You? Me?


  13. All of a sudden Kenny wants to make the people of vieux fort think that he give shit,how long were they being owed while YOU were there and you had nothing to say. Kenny know damn well all of the essues in VF are of his making. When you as the will open your mouth and say 'as long as UWP is in power the people in VF will never know peace' SMH.....


  14. Kenny keep shut up. That's all we need?


  15. this man always there to behave like he was such a good samaritan in his era obviously you were not acknowledging the situation during those times hence why its now outstanding fees if you were not neglectful of the vf population this wouldnt be smh..nonsense


    • Dr Anthony said while delays r not uncommon , @ least the govt can dialogue with rose being affected.
      Times r hard, people need their monies. People must learn to put their shoes on the other feet & then they'll what hardship is


      • It was harder when he was there and he wasn't paying them on time. It is not the first time he is doing the nonsense. The last time he had them to strike. When he got back into govt he did them the same damn thing. If he think that nonsense will give him any momentum in VFort he will never see that. we will take care of the fishermen.


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