NewsPast and Present MPs Under Common Scrutiny After Villagers Broke Law in Police Presence

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Castries, Saint Lucia, Saturday November 6, 2021:– Past and present MPs for the West Coast Anse-la-Raye/Canaries constituency are both being mentioned in relation to an ongoing protest by Anse La Raye villagers against a local construction company doing business there.

Ex-Tourism Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) Dominic Fedee has publicly expressed support in media interviews for villagers who broke the law and blocked a public road to prevent vehicular access to a quarry and several tourism sites and demanding “contributions” from companies using the public road.

Fedee expressed support for the protesting villagers, also accusing the company – owned by prominent local businessman Rayneau Gajadhar — of destroying the road and creating environmental and health problems for them.

On the other hand, current MP and Cabinet Minister Wayne Girard is being mentioned for his comparative silence on the burning issue.

An ex-village councilor, who spoke to Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) on condition of anonymity, was very critical of ex-Tourism Minister Fedee.

He said, “Mr. Fedee was there as MP for the constituency for five years and he didn’t even fix one of the grills he is now complaining…

“He didn’t even fix a pothole along that road while he was our MP and as a minister in Cabinet for five years, but now he’s opening his mouth…”

He added, “Mr Fedee never took a decision on the issue while in office, but now he has lost he is encouraging law-breaking, in the process aiding and abetting in wrongdoing and promoting indiscipline, just for politics…”

As regards the current MP, the ex-local government official said, “Wayne (Girard) has said nothing publicly on the issue and is apparently allowing Fedee to have his say, but as our new MP he needs to get involved and say something…”

He concluded, “As the new MP, after almost one hundred days in office, he should start to take the leading role and bring the different sides together. 

“But he seems to be leaving the matter to Fedee — and to the Police, who I must say, have spoken on the matter, but have also abandoned their responsibilities by not acting against villagers breaking the law right in their presence.”

Girard, who is a Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, has been remarkably quiet since his election, sparking concern among supporters in the two large West Coast villages that it can be misinterpreted as disinterest.

According to the ex-councilor, “Wayne needs to get his act together, because it’s about one hundred days since villagers elected him and they expected him to have said and done more since taking office as the new MP and as a Minister in the Ministry of Finance.” 

Girard and Fedee ran a tight fight for the seat in the July 26 General Elections, with the former emerging after a nail-biting contest.

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