Passing of Professor Norman Girvan an “immeasurable loss”

Passing of Professor Norman Girvan an “immeasurable loss”
Professor Normal Girvan
Professor Norman Girvan

PRESS RELEASE – The government of Saint Lucia has joined many in extending condolences to the family and friends of the late Jamaican Professor Norman Girvan.

Girvan,72, passed away on Thursday in Cuba, about three months after he became paralysed following a fall while hiking in Dominica.

In a press release from the Office of the Prime Minister on Friday, April 11, the government spoke of the intellectual contribution the late professor made to the region over the years. His death was described as an “immeasurable loss.”

Government’s full statement is reprinted below:

The government of Saint Lucia wishes to express its deepest condolences on the untimely death of Professor Emeritus Norman Girvan following a tragic accident.

Professor Girvan spent a substantial part of his life as a lecturer in the Department of Economics of the University of the West Indies, and a large number of Caribbean students will have had the experience of passing under his tutelage.

Professor Girvan would have been best known as a prolific author and an adviser to many institutions and governments on the economic development of the CARICOM countries, on the subject of regional economic integration, on the economic relations between the CARICOM States and the major developed countries, and on the place that the Caribbean should have in the changing global economic and political relations of the present era, and specifically in relation to newly emerging economies in different parts of what was called the Third World.

The government of Saint Lucia also wishes to recognise the role which Professor Girvan played in seeking to define our Caribbean Community’s future relations with the countries of Latin America. In this regard, we express our appreciation of his work first as secretary general of the Association of Caribbean States which includes Latin American States that bound the Caribbean Sea, and secondly, in respect to the task allocated to him by the United Nations secretary general as mediator regarding the boundary controversy between Guyana and Venezuela.

In expressing the government’s condolences, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony recalls with appreciation the common experiences which he shared with Professor Girvan as academic colleagues of the University of the West Indies, and expresses his personal condolences to his family.


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