Passing of Mr. Clive Mondesir

Passing of Mr. Clive Mondesir
Clive Mondesir
Clive Mondesir

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The National Workers Union (NWU) mourns the loss of Mr. Clive Mondesir, a former Principal of St. Mary’s College.

Mr. Mondesir was a long standing comrade of the NWU. During the early developmental stages of the NWU Mr. Mondesir was directly responsible for setting up the NWU’s Research and Economic Unit. The Unit played a significant role in preparing and equipping the NWU for industrial negotiations.

Mr. Mondesir will surely be missed.


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  1. Whatever good he did, let us all thank him. Some will however remember suffering from his major significant flaw.

    SMC students failed repeatedly in Economics, which he taught, because there was no oversight by the Ministry of Education. As main instructor, there never seemed to be a need to change from the yellow with age textbook with old debunked theories being retaught.

    Our Ministers of Education have always been sleeping on the job.

    All of them as Yes Men to their party bosses, simply collected a pay check for making empty foolish speeches. but at the same time, leaving the entire education system largely on auto pilot. Head masters and teachers do whatever the hell they liked.

    There are no refresher courses and certification upgrades to ensure that education standards are constantly upgraded and relevant. How sad.

    Our education goals and requirements remain proudly and bureaucratically outsourced to CXC.

    The future of education for this country is in the wrong hands. We are not in control. Little has changed even today.


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