Passengers say Fly Jamaica plane had “door closing problems” before take-off

Passengers say Fly Jamaica plane had “door closing problems” before take-off

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) — As the investigations get underway into the crash of a Fly Jamaica flight during an emergency landing at Guyana’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the Director General of Guyana’s Civil Aviation Authority has said that data from the plane’s flight data recorder (black box) will be key to the probe.

The Toronto bound Fly Jamaica flight took off from the Cheddi Jagan Airport around 2:10 am on Friday but was forced to return less than thirty minutes later as the Pilot told passengers that the aircraft was encountering some problems with its hydraulics system.

The plane crashed through the airport’s perimeter during the emergency landing. Six passengers were injured and the plane has suffered damages to its engines and wings.

Many of the passengers who escaped from the wreck unhurt recounted that even before the aircraft departed Guyana, it appeared to have had some problems with its main passenger door.

Guyanese Senior Counsel, Moen McDoom, was one of the passengers on board the flight. He said he was seated to the front of the aircraft and became worried as the flight crew appeared to have been experiencing some problems to get the main cabin door closed.

“We all were sitting in the plane and we were told that they have to fix a door and they had to get the people who look after that to try to fix it and that took about half of an hour. I became a bit wary of the whole thing because I could have seen clearly what was happening because I was in the front of the plane”, Mr. McDoom said.

He recalled that it was not too long after take off that the Captain of the plane announced that there was now an issue with the airplane’s hydraulics system and he would need to return to Guyana.

An elderly couple said the entire ordeal was scary as the situation became chaotic once the plane landed and ended up off the runway.

“I was so afraid and confused”, an elderly passenger told News Source. Still, she said, she was grateful to make it off the plane safely.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson told reporters that the full investigation has been launched. The probe will be headed by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and supported by a number of international aviation agencies.

The crash site has been secured by the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police Force. Police Commissioner, Leslie James, said there is an adequate number of security personnel at the airport around the crash site.

Six passengers were injured and have received medical attention. There were 128 persons on board, including eight crew members. They all made it out of the aircraft safely.


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