Passenger blames British Airways, not shortage of rooms, for Hewannora airport incident

Passenger blames British Airways, not shortage of rooms, for Hewannora airport incident

(SNO) — A person claiming to be one of the passengers who was stranded at the Hewannora International Airport in Vieux Fort recently, is blaming British Airways (BA), and not the shortage of hotel rooms in Saint Lucia, as the reason for the incident.

The Sun newspaper reported that dozens of BA passengers were forced to sleep on the airport floor due to a shortage of rooms.

But the person, who identifies himself as ‘Martin’, says in a post on St. Lucia News Online that this was not the case, and alleges that it was BA which did not want to pay for the extra rooms.

“As one of the passengers involved I can tell you we were put into a guesthouse, that really did appear to be a brothel,” Martin says.

“Of our group of six, four were young women, what would you have done?”

He further alleges that passengers returned to the airport and were told that all hotel rooms were filled, but if they could find a room BA would pay.

“Two calls and plenty of rooms (5star) hotels, let me tell you the whole fault was British Airways,” Martin adds. “The local staff at the airport did everything they could, especially the supervisor/ manager on duty. Upon reaching the 5-star we found out the business, first class all tucked up, so British Airways did know there were rooms spare but didn’t want to pay.”

He warns others that they should remember that when they are booking their next holiday that BA left a guy in a wheel and the elderly to sleep at the airport but the airline refused to pay extra.

“Disgusting,” Martin says.

He thanks all the Saint Lucians who assisted during the incident, describing them as “friendly and helpful”.

“We will be back but never again with BA,” Martin states. “P.S, next time we will win the cricket!”


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  1. Working within the tourism industry i can tell you for certain that the rooms were not available to the airline but to the clients. The rooms are offered to the airline at a discounted price. Most times when the airlines call they are advise the rooms are not available however if the client calls direct they get the rooms at the full rate and advised to pay out of pocket by the hotel and to request refunds with the aairlines. I know this to be true so don't come @ me.


    • Still highway robbery. BA should pay the going rate and if there are concessions that should be worked out between the companies. The passengers/ clients, whatever you want to call them are all the same and they get it in the neck


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