Pasqualina Curcio: The economic war is an aggression against the people

Pasqualina Curcio: The economic war is an aggression against the people

(PRESS RELEASE) – For the economist and university professor, Pasqualina Curcio, the scarcity and price increase in products is the main weapon of the economic war, which is nothing more than an aggression against the people, not against the economy, “In order to bend it and undermine its support for the Revolution”.

“What Venezuelans are experiencing is not a consequence of the economic and social model promoted since 1999. Have there been made mistakes? Yes, some mistakes have been made, which is perfectible in politics, but it is not a consequence of the model, these are very concrete actions made to affect the people, that have generated this situation of scarcity which is the main action of war”.

In the last four years, as the also Constituent continued pointing out, the country has also been victim of a covert trade embargo on medicines and an international financial blockade, which has had serious implications for the Venezuelan people, noting that a relatively high percentage of imports come from the United States.

Curcio, when interviewed in the “Encendidos” (Turned On) program, broadcast by VTV, recalled that since the 1970s there was talk of an economic war in the region. When the declassified documents of the coup d’état in Chile were announced, in one of the conversations recorded between Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon was considered the economic war as one of the options to affect the Government of Salvador Allende.

In this sense, the economist said that the recent threats of US President Donald Trump are aimed at affecting the Venezuelan people.


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