Party of freedom and colour; simply epic!

Party of freedom and colour; simply epic!

There was heightened interest among fun party seekers, when it was announced that the concept of a “Holi festival” of colour, with a West Indian twist, would be coming to town. Curiosity got even stronger, when it was revealed that the event would take place from the stroke of midnight, Thursday July 31 and would usher in Emancipation day August 1 until 10 am that morning.

Coming on the heels of the just ended carnival and the dawn of emancipation day, gave the event “Live ‘n Colour” a unique identity and raison d’etre. Colour, masquerade, celebration, freedom, music; would be the hallmarks of this debut experience.

“Live ‘n Colour” was brought to Saint Lucia by major sponsor Desperados, the world’s first tequila flavoured beer, with the experienced team of the “Live ‘n Colour Tribe” handling the promotions of the event.

From the inviting décor at Pigeon Island, the face-painting, the brightly decorated Desperados tent and stage not to mention the Desperados ladies, the event had you mesmerized from start to finish. With premium drinks on the bar menus all morning, there was never a dull moment.

The stage, erected on the shores near the Caribbean Sea suds, featured the likes of Versastyle sounds, Crown Prince and DJ Levi Chin. A side-platform also drew much attention, thanks to the antics of Lightening Stars dancers and the snake man as well as Untitled 51 dancers. All of this, while the crowd remained energized-dancing, chanting to an eclectic blend of music.

The X-Factor of the event were the luminous trinkets handed to patrons and the colourful powder bags thrown at each other as a sign of freedom. The underlying message was that on this day of celebration and emancipation, all people are united as one. The throwing of the powder into the air and at each other also signaled a new dawn, new life and good triumphing over evil and the unification of mankind in a gaiety of colours.

The fashion too did not disappoint-from retro to stylish, to beach wear and pure zany but altogether fun-again united by the brand the powder and colour had added their signature too.

It truly looked like a rainbow nation as the sun rose and darkness gave way to light. In this spirit of newness the “new” Desperados Red was also unveiled, adding more zest to an already exhilarating party experience.

“Let’s do it again next year,” were the over-riding testimonials, as weary party-goers made their way out of Pigeon Island that morning-happy that they were the first to experience “Live n Colour.” Happy too, that their presence had endorsed what will most likely become annual affair here.


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