Part of building collapses, no one hurt

Part of building collapses, no one hurt

16106213_300799746983378_204623044_oA small portion of the American Drywall building in Vide Boutielle collapsed on three parked vehicles this morning.

The vehicles were unoccupied when the incident occurred after 9 a.m.

Police were seen taking statements from the drivers of the vehicles.

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  1. It was just a matter of time,thanks God that no one got hurt: This building is unsafe and many attempts by the local fire service, fire prevention section years ago to have the owner of the structure to respond to good fire protection and protection failed on several occasions. The structural integrity of the building is still a serious case of concern including very low ceiling infrastructure which can quickly caused the accumulation of smoke in case of a fire situation, a situation that can cause the entrapment of occupiers. This situation which has occurred should be used as a warning for both the owner and the relevant authorities to carry out a comprehensive inspection of that structure and make the necessary structural changes to avoid a disaster.


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