Parliament to debate Constitutional Reform Report

Parliament to debate Constitutional Reform Report
House of Assembly, Saint Lucia.
House of Assembly, Saint Lucia.
House of Assembly, Saint Lucia.

The House of Assembly will on Tuesday, August 18, discuss the Constitutional Reform Commission Report.

The discussion is being held on the anniversary of the passing of Justice Suzie d’Auvergne, the Commission’s Chairperson.

The Senate will discuss the report on Thursday, Aug. 20.

The public is encouraged to attend these historic sittings.

190 recommendations came out of the Constitutional Reform Commission Review.

Here are a few key recommendations made:

-The present Saint Lucia Constitution should be repatriated and the constitutional monarchial system should be abolished and replaced with a republican constitutional system.

-Discrimination based on sexual orientation is unacceptable and marriage should continue to be between man and woman

-The Caribbean Court of Justice should replace the Privy Council as Saint Lucia’s final appellate court and entrenched in a new constitution. Capital punishment should be retained.

-No person should be appointed to the office of Prime Minister for more than three consecutive five-year terms

-The system of elected local government in Saint Lucia should be re-established

-Political parties should declare their assets and liabilities

-A Political Party and Elections Campaign Finance Act should be enacted which will provide for a system of both public and private funding.


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  1. Old grey-haired Kenny has most definitely lost his way! His brain is shriveling like his ideas. He is flaying at straws to keep get a grip on political power. That is being just too plain obvious! And it is a damning shame, that in the midst of all our immediate problems, Kenny tries to sneak in, he thinks, a brilliant diversion. Yes. It works. But that is for all the jackasses in red, the airheads en rouge STEP jokers. Can you describe them as "workers"? Would you?


  2. I wonder if those persons who commented on this article have read the report which was submitted over two years plus ago. The PM was not the author of the report, but rather a secleted group of intellegent legal minded persons who met over a number of years to come up with this report.
    The unfortunate problem some St. Lucias have are they don't take time out to read, but rather they base the opinions on the following : Their emotions and their political bias.
    I wish for once and if just for this one moment persons will aquant themselves with this most important document and base on their findings make an educated opinion.


  3. In my estimation the Government has hit a brick wall in trying to implement CCJ. This may be their only other way out without the people having a direct say. Instead of bringing the CCJ issue to the public in isolation, let us offer it in a package, where they will agree unsuspectingly. The Plot thickens.


  4. Interesting to note that the main concerns of citizens are not even highlighted in this preliminary note. What occupies the forefront of people's mind is how do we bring more accountability to governance. Can government be left accountable to itself? In places such as the US there are congresses and oversight committees who hold government accountable? Then again why doesn't such an issue occupy centre stage? precisely because government sets the agenda as to what should be discussed, goes back to the same issue of accountability. All what this is geared towards is to strengthen the arms of government on the pretext of constitutional reform for all. Meanwhile all the other issues such as death penalty, same sex issues, local government, we know what to do since we know what is right. Many issues highlighted here are NOT even in fact constitutional such as local government and same sex, they could simply be fixed by passing legislation. CCJ in the meantime, we all know what the law says, there is to be a referendum. If a politician chooses to circumvent this provision then this is NOT constitutional reform, it is constitutional engineering. You reform the constitution if there is a problem which can be considered of public interest with certain provisions; but does the public have a problem with the Privy Council?


    • Wam There you would have to read the report in full and not just what pertains in this article before you can make your comments. You will find it to be very interesting.


    • Have you read the full report? I guess not because if you did you would not have made the comments you made.


  5. Reform is good
    Reform or change it is beneficial to any society of nations, to update its laws from time to time when the opportunity arises, most importantly the ruling and recommendations that merits the nation through those proceedings is needed and necessary, let us all pray for the guidance of almighty God upon each and every one of those individual that has the great responsibility to make decisions of choice as to the right recommended choice of the constitutional reform suggestions. Knowing full well that this will be the blueprint of our future laws, unite my people.


  6. No Kenny you cannot preside over us on the CCJ.
    Awa we don't want you as President.
    Any changes must be through a referendum not arrogant dictatorship.


  7. Kenny will do anything to stay in power. But the people will speak because we are fed up and want you OUT! Go Kenny we beg yuh!


  8. Kenny it is time to bow out. U too greedy. Two terms good for u. Why the change. Time for change from better days to Blessed days. Step aside Dr Anthony. We are tired.


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