Parking meters coming to Castries

Parking meters coming to Castries

parking-terminalPRESS RELEASE– Pay-By-License-Plate Parking Terminals are coming to the City of Castries soon.

The Terminals will be installed in the William Peter Boulevard and on various streets in the city.

The new multi-space meters will help increase on-street parking turn-over and create more parking availability for shoppers and visitors to the City.

Payment can be made by notes, coin, credit or debit card, visa or MasterCard, tokens or a pay-by-phone system.

Members of the public can expect more sensitization on the installation of the parking devices, as the Office of the mayor will undertake a comprehensive public education drive in the coming weeks.

The Mayor of Castries, His Lordship Peterson D. Francis says the new terminals are more about managing limited parking spaces.

“It’s about creating more parking spaces, turning over spaces and thereby allowing more people the opportunity for parking. It’s about embracing new standards in the City of Castries. Consultations have begun and we plan to continue with other sectors, stakeholders and civil society organizations. It is during these meetings that rates will be agreed”.

The parking terminals should arrive by July of this year.


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  1. It was time and it is good to have them just hope you all maintain it and dont let it get destroy


  2. if so be the case is best i leave my vehicle at home. having a vehicle and getting parking when you coming to work is so convenient.


  3. so just now ,what yall saying there wont be no more FREE parking in castries. i hope not. and if it is true then i hope it not damn expensive. also what about the people that live in town like the cdc or own a house and land in castries that have their own vehicles park by the road by their house am sure yall know people used to live in town years ago before there was all these business places.


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