Park Estate road, Saltibus in deplorable state

Park Estate road, Saltibus in deplorable state
The road has been in a deplorable state for many months.
The road has been in a deplorable state for many months.
The road has been in a deplorable state for many months.

Residents of Saltibus are calling on the authorities to fix the deplorable Park Estate road.

A resident said although the road is known to be in a bad condition almost all year round, it has now become a hazard to both pedestrians and drivers traversing the area.

The resident told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday that whenever it rains the situation becomes ten times worse than it was before, because the water remains trapped in the potholes and keeps the soil moist.

Muddy water is likely to splash on anyone passing there, while a vehicle is travelling.

Another resident said school children are mostly affected by this situation, because they have to use that road daily and its impossible for them not to get their footwear and in some cases uniforms dirty.

“Sometimes there is nowhere to walk. Where are these children going to walk? Look at the picture and you would see for yourself. It’s hard for an adult to use that road much less a child,” the resident said.

In December 2014, the Ministry of Infrastructure had to restore a collapsed box culvert on the road.

Alternative routes—the Balca and Tete Morne roads through Gya Bois, were used during this period. A foot bridge was constructed for pedestrian use.


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  1. Just heard that election is around the corner, Maybe the ruling party will quickly do a half job on the road as a means of bribing people to vote for them. This is disgusting. My fellow people of Saltibus, open your eyes.


  2. What is the population of that community ? Was that road ever paved ? How much will it cost to rebuild ? Regardless of the answers, everyone will agree it needs a face lift. One last question. Among all the roads which need fixing on the island and applying questions one and three, whilst taking into consideration the limited availability of resources, where should our priorities be ?


  3. I feel in this day and age our community should not be looking like this...this is embarrassing. this is a safety hazard, for example what if someone needs to be transported out of the area as quick as possible due to some illness. I can bet you my last dollar this so called road would not look like this in CERTAIN AREAS if you know what I mean....I am just saying.


  4. The cause of most of these deplorable roads in st. Lucia is because they lack drainage. If we start to build drains alongside our roads, both paved and unpaved they are going to have a much longer life span, and cost less to fix them. St.lucia is a tropical island drainage should be mandatory for all building structures, roads and paths.


  5. Don't worry elections around the corner.... lorne will come running... hoping he can fool some ppl for sum extra votes... after all... we all no he is in deep trouble this up coming elections. "Pah dee yoo dee"


  6. Parc Estate Gia Bois has been neglected year in year out. Red Yellow it doesn't matter. Despite it all these communities have produced valuable citizens who make valuable contributions to the development of the island. The residents have been crying for relief but to no avail. THEY JUST DON'T MATTER EXCEPT WHEN ELECTIONS COMES AROUND.


  7. This is reality my son has to deal with it.It high time they do something we are citizens too. Mr Distict Rep plz u need to visit this place more often not only wen our votes are needed. Yes to u who said drains were built but can it be of use with a proper foundation of the road?


  8. Cleaning the yellow piling painting white stripes on the road. Building government buildings and visiting other nations has a higher priority.


  9. Oh yes its high time something is being done.I must buy 3 pairs of shoes in a month for my son in that kind of road .Our district rep needs to visit this community frequently not only at the time he need our votes.


  10. My ppl of Saltibus just because you've chosen to speak your native language you are being ignored by this administration.Lorne Theophilus doesn't see you in his eyes because you don't have the right skin tone or right accent.Forget Color & put this individual out of office,his time has come.Vote wise my people.


  11. That's not a pot hole it is our new man made lake to attract more tourist to the area- Lorne


  12. Some communities are only remembered during election time. It is indeed a burning shame that poor folks are subjected to this type of representation in this day and age, but again this is life for many in sweet St. Lucia, where our leaders proclaim that life is just great.


  13. The image of the children on the side walking breaks my heart. Imagine a vehicle passing through while they are on the side of the road. No wonder they often arrive dirty. Please, whomever do something.


  14. There are no tourists living there so see for yall selves!! The representative for this area represents tourists!!


  15. Lorne instead of talking Hotel in Choiseul, why didn't you have that road on your list of projects. Is it because it is in Saltibus? I hope this road get some attention before elections. Come on people identify places which need attention and try to get them remedied before elections


  16. This is not a road, this is a swamp in the making. With all these mosquito born illnesses, you would think that this is a no brainier. The government wants residence to keep their surroundings clean to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying, well tell me if this road is not a dream breeding ground for mosquitoes.


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