Park Estate Road culvert being repaired

Park Estate Road culvert being repaired

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport is working towards restoring the damaged culvert and roadway and as such restoring access to Park Estate through Saltibus at the soonest.

The Ministry deeply regrets the inconvenience to residents at this time and is assured by engineers the situation will be addressed at the soonest.

Meantime the northern approach of the La-Ressource Bridge requires urgent desilting/removal of debris in order to facilitate free flow of water.

This situation has already been assessed by the ministry and a plan of action has been formulated to deal with the situation.

Desilting is also required and will be undertaken at the mouth of the old Vieux-Fort river channel – near Bacadere. The desilting will facilitate free flow of increased volume of water as a result of the rains.

The ministry asks for the patience of all residents affected in handling these issues and apologises for the inconvenience caused as a result.


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