Parents can play key role in reducing teenage pregnancy – Parenthood Association

Parents can play key role in reducing teenage pregnancy – Parenthood Association

While teenage and unwanted pregnancies remain a concern for St. Lucia, Director of the St Lucia Planned Parenthood Association (SLPPA) Audrey George has said that this issue calls for greater involvement of parents in early sex education.

According to George, the issue stems from the reluctance of parents to engage in sex education talks with their children from an early age.

“Parents need to talk to kids concerning early sexual activity. We at SLPPA do it with the young people, but unless it is enforced by adults, then they will feel that it is okay,” George added.

The director explained that some parents aren’t aware of the situation (teenage pregnancy) and even those that are aware, seem uncomfortable to deal with the issue, leaving it to peers to tell them about it.

George said while there have been some decline in teen pregnancy in schools, there are still a number of teenagers that are caught in the situation of unwanted pregnancies.

The SLPPA, she said, has done a number of parent-education programmes. At least 10 training sessions were conducted with parents last year, which focused on how to combat teenage and unwanted pregnancies.

Representatives from 15 CARICOM member states gathered in St. Lucia for the Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) meeting in April, to set up a task force to assist with the reduction of teenage pregnancy within the region.

It was recognised during this meeting that teenage pregnancy is becoming a huge issue and strategies must be implemented to reduce it.  A strategy to reduce teenage pregnancy by 20 percent over a five year period (2014 – 2019) was later approved.

Parents can actively get involved in sex education in a number of ways. It is advised that parents could talk to their child/children as early as possible about sex and its consequences, be an open parent so that the child could feel free to discuss sex-related issues.

Other ways of being involved include: being a parent with a point of view, expressing views on how one feels about the topic at stake, and to implement rules so as to establish a common ground.

Teenagers can also play a vital role in reducing the number of teenage pregnancies, by educating themselves about sex and its consequences before engaging in sexual activities.

They can educate themselves about the different birth control options that are available through health centres, pharmacies, and various associations such as the SLPPA, practice safe sex by using a condom to avoid the contraction of any Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STI’s), and most importantly, remain focused on the future and life goals.


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  1. now teenage pregnancy extra popular from the stories ive heard back then owe!them things wasn't that out there cuz parents were extra strict.NOT IN MY HOUSEHOLD FOR SURE ,my mom would go berzerk. As teenagers you could preach all day long,its a choice yes or no.


  2. sex education at most home is taboo.... why you think there is a rampant of promiscuity with teenagers... I do hope that this will change...PARENTS TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT SEX... SEX IS NOT BAD...BE OPEN...BE MINDFUL...


  3. you see we instill the wrong option into our teenagers head. its always use a condom or get some birth control as the top option, and later we want to talk about future goals and plan.I believe if we educate teenagers about the importance of getting a good spiritual life and education life before getting sexually active, that would help solve the problem.a lot of pple don't like using condoms, some want it bear!! and for some it causes yeast infections and you think that wouldn't bear the mind set of teenagers today? condoms? no! i want it bear!! and for the birth control, not every ones body react positively to my point of view, teenagers should be concentrating on the future: a relationship with God, and a solid educated life to seek a good job first before they can think of boy friend and this is wat we should first instill in their minds, to abstain,boy friend n sex and condoms and birth control will come after. they won't burn or die if they wait.


    • In this day and age we the older people can say that the values we grew by... sticking to the lord putting school first and abstaining from sex...

      But as of late there is hardly ever a child past 14 the most that isnt having sex......

      You cant stop that and we dont always know whats happening behind our back....

      And while many hope for contraceptives to be the last resort or not even an option at all....

      We have to deal with the issue at stake one way or the other....

      To many young woman spoiling their futures because of these very acts and negligence on how to deal with the issue at hand....

      So before its too late and before we are soorry and as a stand to atleast bring some resolution to the issue....

      I agree with the article educated them on options..... not like you can stop them....

      But its a start in keeping them in school and as the article said keeping their eyes on the future.


    • I fully agree with the view that we need to preach and teach abstinence to our children. They need to put first things first,set goals for themselves and only after achieving such goals they can begin to think about getting married and then have sex.


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