Parent upset over suspension of Castries student based on WhatsApp conversation

Parent upset over suspension of Castries student based on WhatsApp conversation

(SNO) — A parent is upset that her child, a female student attending a high school in the north of the island, was suspended based on a WhatsApp conversation with a male student who was allegedly harassing her.

The parent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her daughter has received two days of suspension because of the conversation which, she said, did not even happen during school hours.

The parent said the matter began unfolding when they were called into a meeting at the school on Monday, February 18.

She said during the meeting, the parents were told that their daughter had sent threatening messages to another student on WhatsApp and had used obscenity towards the student.

“In the conversation my daughter advised the student that if he does not stop harassing her or disrespecting her,
she will punch him in his face…” the parent said.

The parent also said that one day her daughter told the other student to “[email protected]#$% off.”

“My daughter also advised the principal that the same student had touched her on her behind,” the parent stated. “And the principal informed us that she spoke to the student and he admitted that he touched her on her waist.”

She said because of her daughter’s conversation with the other student, she was suspended and asked not to report to school.

She explained that the conversation did not take place during school hours and her daughter was told that the reason she got the two-day suspension was because she is a well-behaved student.

“If not she would have gotten 10 days,” the parent said.

The parent further alleged that the male student touched her daughter during school hours and the principal heard about it the same day it took place.

She stated that the male student got two days for “in house” to investigate the matter.

“In house means they get to come to school but don’t go to any classes,” the parent explained. “But since he said is on her waist (he touched her) he was able to go back to regular classes.”

The parent is now very upset over the entire situation.

“My thing is they both cursed each other off on WhatsApp,” she said. “But only mine got sent home.”

Not satisfied the parent said she went to education officials on the matter.

“We were told to write a letter and was told someone will be contacting us later in the day,” the parent stated. “No one ever did.”


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  1. They are victimising the victim? Where are people's sense of justice?

    The person who initiated and committed the worse offence, got the lighter punishment?

    Is this fair? Is this fair? Is this fair?

    “O Judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason !”


    • It's the same way in the States. The men are very disrespectful and engage in a lot of sexual harassment. As soon as you report them as instructed to do either in work or school,the victim gets punished for reporting. It's no wonder this woman's daughter threatened the make student. With the way the 'officials' facilitate this offensive behavior, that's what makes victims resort to threats and violence. You can't tell some of these boys or men you are not interested in them. Everyone is so concerned about their feelings,the archaic perceived rights and all that BS about how rough it is for them in the streets. What about us and our daughters and our quality of life? Enough.


    • How was the girl supposed to protect herself? We need demotions and all-round suspensions!


  2. It does sound like GISS. Precious you took the words from my mouth. A change in administration is necessary but nepotism always rules 😡


  3. Yep, that boy sounds like a future sexual offender/harrasser/rapist. And his behaviour is not justified even if he touched her waist and not her behind. That's how those rapist and suxual offenders start. This boy is only in secondary school and you have adults making excuses for him. And the poor girl is not being taken seriously. If something worse ever happens to her she will have a hard time reporting it because of this incident. All she did was curse him. The people in the comments blaming the girl shouldn't be parents of girls or boys cause they will blame their daughter if something like this ever happens and say their son is a good boy if he is ever accused of rape.


  4. Does the school have jurisdiction over a private conversation between 2 students on their personal phones?
    Sounds like a legal matter. What does the law say about that?

    Happy 40th Anniversary St. Lucia!!!
    Wow!! After 40 years of Independence....just wow!


  5. It seems that some of us think in reverse... Just like the teacher who found a gun in her bag that a student placed there. She feared for her life because the same student said that something would happen to her as someone was waiting outside the school to collect their gun. Went to the principle, called the Police, called officials from the Ministry of Education but nothing. Then people are of the opinion that she should be charged for handing the gun back to the student.
    Who had her back? No one!
    Where is that student? Attending classes???


  6. Sexual assault is when someone touches you in a way that is inappropriate and against your wishes. The young lady is owed an apology by this young man.Her backside or waist is irrelavant.It is time we teach our children and ourselves the power of consent.we need to respect the personal and emotional boundaries of others. April is Sexual assault awareness month. The theme being (I ASK for consent) Stop blaming victims and empowering perpetrators. We must start changing social norms that allow violence against women to exist and thrive. ( Survivor ofchildhood sexaul assault)


  7. That boy sounds like he's favored in that school. He has links. This girl is out on her own. This is unjust, and onesided. The mother should request this be taken off her child's account.


  8. This is now in the public domain and should be a police matter. There seems to be some type of cover-up going on there right now. The hormones are tripping. The girl said no.

    If she wanted to be touched by this particular male, nobody in the world would know. She may not even want to be touched by a male for that matter.

    She has the right not to be touched by anybody she does not want to be touched by, on any part of her body. This is a very serious matter for those who want to touch.


  9. As reported, an injustice has definitely been committed here against the girl. Why? The boy received much more favourable treatment. AND THAT'S NOT FAIR! Full stop.


  10. Why does this sound like GISS. i swear a lot of shit happens at that school and nothing is ever done. Its about time the ministry get invovled. A child got suspened for 5 days because a teacher said that she heard him curse another teacher. But the "other teacher " never heard. I ask myself are your'll teachers or educators. One day the wrong tree will br barked up.


    • It may not be rocket science... Precious. Perhaps the student was standing closer to ( but unaware of) the teacher who heard than the one he/she directed the comment at... Perhaps you should not judge when you were not present. Why is it that there are rarely complaints about well-behaved, disciplined students whose parents take active interest in the WORK...


  11. We as parents need to keep a close eye on those children, both boy and girl. After reading the headline, I realised that I had already heard about it from my from my daughter who attends the school. The teachers are surprised that only the girl was suspended. I guess the principal is in charge. But like I said I heard it from my daughter.


    • You have obviously left out many of the facts given before you came to your conclusion.

      How is the mother a "sutureze".

      We need to be careful the message we are it is ok for the boy to touch her inappropriately, but it is not ok for her to retaliate?

      If this was my daughter there would be hell to pay!


  12. I have not heard the school's side of the story and so unable to come to clear judgment on all the facts. But from the parents own account is that not what we want our citizens to stop taking matters into their own hands? Couldn't the student inform the parents of the situation early enough and should the parent not have a responsibility to visit the school to help solve the problem. By the parent's own account the feud between the two students had been ongoing. The two days is to teach her that there is a proper way to handle matters without resorting to obscenity or violence. And mother not because your daughter said that she was touched a particular place that's its true. The School has a responsibility to investigate and come to a conclusion.


    • This is the kind of mentality that enables rapists to continue terrorizing young women and men. Because anybody can say they were sexually harassed for no reason right. So let's punish the girl cause she could be lying but clearly the boy can't either


      • My thoughts exactly. She is lying about where he touched but he isn't? If anything they should have both gotten suspended. I was not there and can only comment based on the parent's account. But the fact that only the girl was sent home gives the wrong message. Lets just say she is telling the truth, guess what, this boy's behaviour has been further enabled, he has clearly seen that he can behaviour in an unacceptable manner and not be punished for it. Regardless of the time of the conversation this situation needs to be addressed, and it has clearly not been addressed properly.


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