Parent disappointed with bathroom conditions at Delcer RC (letter to the editor)

Parent disappointed with bathroom conditions at Delcer RC (letter to the editor)

11736946_1064335850243569_1925982415_nDear Editor: I am so disappointed and in disgust with the condition of the washrooms at the Delcer RC Combined School in Choiseul.

Not even the teachers would bring up the issue.

I went to the school and almost cried when I realised the mess the washrooms were in.

Imagine, because of the conditions of the washrooms I had my child urinate on the outside. I believe if they do not fix the washrooms during the six-week vacation I won’t have my child continue her schooling there.

I would also like this message to reach Member of Parliament Lorne Theophilous.

Concerned parent




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  1. This looks like an inside job. Who gave you access to children's toilet that visitors don't use. And you have so many came to the school and couldn't address the matter there? What is your motive? That's not your role.


  2. Couple years back,I went to use the Castries library and it was so nasty;if I didn't want to go so bad I would have run out


  3. why dont u get the support of the rest of the parent body and do something about it, a coat of paint a little couhmae. instead of threaten to remove your chlid from the school. your own child may have contributed to its state


  4. The parents never want to register and pay facilities fees and they are complaining. These monies help care for the school


  5. You mean to tell me a principal and janitors are being paid to ensure the students' health are safeguarded and this is the filth that the students are exposed to? Are the other staff members blind? I am inclined to believe that the toilet at the principal's home is in a similar condition so it does not really matter to her/ him and if it's a woman shame on you!


  6. Bravo madam parent. More parents must take a stand against this type of abject neglect of children's welfare.


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