Parent concerned over son’s treatment

By SNO Staff
Luwis Mathurin was cut by a fence while running on the school court.

Luwis Mathurin was cut by a fence while running on the school court.

A resident of La Haut, Mon Repos resident is planning to take legal action after her son sustained a head injury at the Mon Repos Combined School on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Tresslyn Mathurin, 30, alleges that the school did not contact her after 10-year-old Luwis Mathurin sustained a wound while playing on the “court” after school.

She is also upset that Luwis was sent home unsupervised by an adult, instead of being sent straight to the hospital, based on the severity of the injury.

Mathurin told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her son was running on the court when he sustained a wound from part of a “fence” that has allegedly remained unrepaired since it was damaged by Hurricane Tomas.

The mother alleges that that Luwis was taken to the Mon Repos Health Centre by his 11-year-old brother and five-year-old sister, who are also students of the school.

Mathurin said she became concerned when she realised it was about 4 p.m. and her son “was late coming from school and the weather was changing”.

“I decided to go look for them. When I arrived by the highway I saw him coming with blood on his school uniform and a white bandage on his head,” she said.

The school court where the incident occurred. The boy's mother is calling on the school to fix the fence urgently.

The school court where the incident occurred. The boy’s mother is calling on the school to fix the fence urgently.

It was then that her son related what happened at the school. He then handed his mother a stapled paper.

The letter, addressed to Mathurin, read: “This client sustained a laceration of the left temporal aspect of the head this afternoon. Cleansed with normal saline and dry dressings applied…. Referred to ER, St. Jude Hospital for further management.”

Mathurin said while preparing to go to the hospital her son complained of not feeling well and collapsed. He was taken to St. Jude Hospital by ambulance.

According to Mathurin, the emergency technician was surprised when she handed him the reference letter from the health centre.

“He was like, ‘that’s not a paper that should be handed to me (the parent) but straight to an EMT, a doctor or nurse,” Mathurin said.

Her son sustained stitches and was sent home. Up to that point, Mathurin alleges that she received no phone call from the school or the nurse. She said the school has her phone number.

“If i didn’t go looking for my son, apparently my son would have collapsed on the road and I would not have known anything about it,” she said.

“I got a paper from the doctor telling me that that I need to monitor my son for brain injury.”

The following day, Mathurin said she sought answers from the school’s principal.

“I never got a call to let me know that anything happened to my son,” Mathurin said.

The mother said she has since received a “school insurance paper, nothing else”.

Mathurin has since contacted a lawyer.

“I will take any action to make sure this never happens again,” she said, while calling on the authorities to fix the school fence which had also injured her older son previously.

The principal of the school told this reporter that she will not comment on the incident. She said “many things” are being said on social media that are detrimental to her school and have defamed her name.

“I am not giving any information. That thing has gone viral. So many things people are saying. People need to find facts before they go and say things. I am not prepared to say anything as yet,” she said.

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  1. AA isn't that the same Children the previous Principal had to go to this woman's house to drag her to register these children for School ??? I am so happy you get so interested in your children education and welfare. She had the kids at home not sending them to school, when the Previous Principal got to know about it she called her to come to the School she never came, the principal had to go to her house to encourage/ drag her to come register the children for school.

  2. I am a parent and empathize with the Mother's concern about her injured child. However, there are questions which are unaddressed.

    Did a student contact a teacher to notify of the injury?

    Having treated the patient at the Health Center, were there attempts by staff there to contact the parent/EMS?

    Were there any missed calls to the parent's phone?

    When the Mother attempted to contact the school, did she have a discussion with the Principal?

    How long did it take her to make preparation for the the hospital? It sounds like she did not stop the next bus on the highway (but teachers can?) Did she call an ambulance immediately or waited until the child collapsed? And in all this drama, has the Mother taken the time to take the patient for a CT Scan?

    Has the Ministry of Education been contacted about this? The Principal is right. She cannot comment on this matter now that it is in the media. This is a matter for the Ministry who employs her and fixes school fences.

    Finally, I understand that the referral letter is permissible in court as evidence, but why plaster the Nurse's signature all over the internet? I note that the vital signs were not taken and they should really have, especially the BP and pulse.

  3. As a rule the school has a general responsibility to everyone who is on its premises, even to the burglar who may come unannounced. A simple test is to plant a live electrical wire which result in the electrocution of any thief and then we will see what the law says. People who say that the school is not responsible are not well informed on the law as it is reasonable that students do stay after school to pursue sports, lessons or whatever else. In fact it cannot escape liability for an unrepaired fence which is reasonably foreseeable to cause injury or damage, whatever the time may be.

  4. Wait. Wait. Wait. As soon as it 3:00 all children should go home? No after school activities? No club meetings. No detention. Nothing? What kinnda dark ages yall living in? As far as im concerned teachers should accomodate students until 5pm and even longer if emergencies rise up.
    What everybody else have to work 8 to 9 hours a day and yall getting 6? For more money?and more vacation? On my tax money? Blag ou ka baye. My lady u right to press charges cus is shate dat dere

  5. One questions. Was a teacher informed of the injury by the injured student ?

  6. The illumination brotherhood

    If this parent is who iI think she is than that principal better be prepared for hell because miss tresslyn is good at hiding her true identity... When u play with hell u got caught in the fire... Principal start begging please

  7. We are too quick to jump to conclusions without knowing the TRUTH. Everbody has a point of view especially when it pertains to soaps and rowrow....tipical Lucian behaviour. I want to know which teacher or pricipal is obliged to remain at the school at 4:00 to supervise any child.....School ends at 2:30 and3:00 respectively tell me what were your three children doing by the school playing at that time and not seated their backside at your home.We are to quick to blame but in that case you should be grateful that the principal was still at the school and went to the health Centre after your son and his entourage had gone to the medical facility unknowing to her. Some of us parents are too quick to run to media to expose others negatively. What the principal, teachers or nurse calling you so important! Honestly I think if you pay some more attention to your kids it will serve you better rather than trying to tarnish people's reputation. In the end you will end up on the losing side.....and they gave u an insurance form??? That incident happen around four .....girl you are lucky. You had better go and thank the principal. Now all that being said it is about time that fence is repaired. ....good!

  8. Seems like the complainant has been negligent, in that your older child had been hurt in the same location, yet you did not see to it that this now injured child come home immediately after school, knowing fully well the dangers posed by the broken fence and the possibility of a lack of staff supervision after working hours . These situations are not new on this island. We all know the speed at which anything gets done on the island. We all are aware that government is reactive and we the people allow it to perpetuate because of partisanship. Many questions need to be answered. The time line and the presence of staff will indicate whether better could have been done. Teachers are not obliged to remain after school to supervise children who should otherwise be heading home after school. Too much play make Jack a dull boy. There is physical education provided in schools under teacher supervision. Too many missing pieces in this tragedy.

  9. When you see a gash like that, it sends a chill to your soul. Accidents will happen -it is important to deal with it to ensure no lasting injuries whether physical or psychological. It is not clear whether other children (that includes his brother) informed an adult in the school. The injured child would have had to return to the school building to seek adult help. I would be a very concerned parent if adult support was sort but was treated as a minor incident. Nevertheless, it should be school policy that all accidents should be logged and parents immediately informed. I am assuming that after school a clerical personnel or a teaching staff member was still on the premises whilst children were there. If adults are not on the premises when children are there it is not a safe place to be or to play whether the fence was mended or not.

    I wonder, does the school see itself as responsible before and after the official teaching times? If it does it would have provided before and after school services. Some schools will keep children when parents fail to pick them up and fine the parents unless there are genuine reasons for not picking up their children on time. If parents make a habit of picking up their children late they will lose the services. It does not help a child’s self-esteem to be languishing late in the evening on school premises especially when his peers are at home with the family relaxing or engaged in leisure pursuits.
    Before engaging lawyers, parents should work with the school to make sure all children are safe before and after school. That is a better way of solving problems, establishing trust and cooperation.

    I wish the child a speedy recovery.

  10. The incident took place after school were the teachers or principal notified?

    • The situation was badly handled. But I refuse to believe that the principal or teachers, who may have been on the premises, deliberately did not exercise due diligence in the situation, seeing the depth of the cut. But at the health centre, the attending nurse could have gotten an emergency number from the child to contact his parent. Don't tell me at 10, that he would not have known or have somewhere in his school bag, a number to contact his mom. Parents then it is a lesson to be learned. Prep your children on how to contact you in emergency situations.

      It is up to the Ministry of Education to put provisions in place for students who remain on the compound after official dismissal. There is no way the principal or teachers who are still on the premises will be able to keep track of all the students who have not left. But then again, there are still parents/guardians who will take advantage of the situation and leave the kids at school for extended hours, just because the facility is in place.

      Parents, there will always be work or other obligations. Family comes first. The same way he was unsupervised at the court is the same way he could be at risk to all kinds of predators or other ills. Let us look after the little ones a lot better.

  11. We really need to reconsider what we value most. Whether it is our children's well being or whatever else we decide takes precedence in our life. Whenever a child is desciplined parents are sometimes the first to be informed and I don't believe they contact the school they find themselves present in effort to attack or demine teachers for doing their job. We now have a situation where a child was hurt on the school compound. Has the mother been to the school to find out what exactly transpired
    I guess not. However is quite busy trying to find answers with the media. Well we all may not know the real story, but the child knows and whoever was with him knows. The child may have already been asked to go home. being a child he / they may have disobeyed and stayed a bit longer. He fell, maybe in effort to hide himself from being questioned or they who were present from being questioned, rushed the child to the health centre unknown to the teachers or supervisor present. Did the health centre contact the school to verify the situation. We may not know however the child was at least given first aid. I personally know of countless situations at that said school of students who have gotten hurt and taken care of by those teachers. Of students who did not have lunch and were taken care of by those teachers. I believe before we begin to point fingers or decide if we were in her shoes, we should at least wait for the entire story to be told from both parties involved as well as the students who were present.
    Let us not demine those who care for our students

    • Go home or not school should have contacted parents as long as these kids are on the school compond they are in their care.

  12. He got a few stitches and is going to be ok but damn it bothers me when this kind of crap happens to children. We are better than this !

  13. It does not matter if it happened after school. As long as kids are on the school compound, principal and staff are responsible for them. If it happened outside the school then the parent is responsible for them. We parents lets be in this lady shoes. A different song wud sing.

  14. People need to understand what they read, I believe some only read the first paragraph and then formed an opinion. At no time did the parent state the Principal or teachers were around when the accident happened. It was after school people. Can the mother confirm whether anyone in authority at the school was notified? Here some of you are blaming the school and it's staff. Just saying.

    • fyi info teachers are to be at the school up till 4:30. Their working hours are 8 to 4:30 like all public servants. Not because it is 2:30 they are no longer responsible. SMBH.

    • Yes the where the principal sent him to the health center and home on his own

  15. This is f*****g ridiculous!!! Smdh

  16. No minor child should be left on any school compound unsupervised. It does not matter whether it is before or after school. There should be some form of supervision. Someone at the school and/or school authorities should be held accountable.

  17. Wow the health personnel acted appropriately! They cannot accept liability since they are not doctors. This story has too many holes and it is easy for a for an under-initiated bunch to point fingers. Please tell me gurus, what should they have done? Then I will tell you why they shouldn't.

  18. A school's obligations ends when the students are not on school premises. Good luck to the mother for taking legal action,I know how they operate in ST.LUCIA

  19. But wait whether it happen after school, wasn't it on the school promises ? Yes still I hold the school authorities responsible. If u disagree well No teacher neither principle should meet any student in uniform after school and ask what are u doing here, it's after school u should go home, it's not their responsibility after school on their promises it shouldn't the responsibility elsewhere

  20. St lucian teachers are getting paid for NOTHING...they are the biggest bullies to the kids....they have no love and are now educating themselves as they wish whilst the teachers sit and wait for the last Tues or Thursday in the month! Salary day! was high time a parent make an example...Mr Minister train these incompetent education officials!

  21. The entire article is self explanatory. AFTER SCHOOL your son was still on the court.??? "The mother alleges that Luwis was taken to the Mon Repos Health Centre by his 11-year-old brother and five-year-old sister, who are also students of the school".
    Please!! Which nurse will release an injured child to the hands of 11and 5year olds? Its was after school and they were suppose to be in your care as a mother. The teachers were obviously gone by then. They have other business, you know. NOTE TO MOTHER: Stop making children if you have no time for them. We are being faced with enough societal problems as it stands right now, to have children raising children. Its not going to work. Stop the blame game. Blame yourself!!!!!

    • I think you are very rude and indiscreet to tell the woman she must stop having children if she cannot take care of them. Did she ever hustle you for your freaking nickles and dimes? If you had nothing to contribute on the article you should of kept your fingers away from your phone, lap top etc. You started off with a smart sensible statement then ended up with a dumb ass one. Sometimes you have to know how/when to frame your arguments. I see you are stuck on stupid clocked in on dumb and searching for ignorant,you heartless moron.

      • Resonding to The Cop

        The cop. Put your damn self in the mother's shoes. You're not seeing you child coming home to his/her usual time. You find him/her injured.. Maybe even worse. Wouldn't you do what this mother is doing???? Please I advise you .. Don't make kids cause this ignorant statement you said says just as much as how you will treat your kids/if you have kids that is. Some of y'all quick to comment rather than understand what the situation is. Do us all a favor and don't comment what you want. Ignorant person that you are.

  22. Responsibility does not end after the school bell has rung. The school continues to have a duty of care towards children on their premises until they have left. As he is only 10 their duty of care is even more stringent.By the way, he is a student, not a 'client'. Disgraceful.

  23. Stop making excuses! She was not called the school is wrong. If no one knew about it. Understood! But don't talk crap about it was after school. Thats bs! It happen on the school court which is part of the school. So as long as the child is still at the school the teachers are responsible. So you telling me if a child stays for lessons and they get hurt the teachers will say its after school hours? Nonsense!

  24. I understand the parent is angry but this happened after school ,he was on the school compound but it was after school hours.when school is over its the parent job to make sure their kids gets home safe...This is why the school should make sure that the children doesn't leave the class without an adult so they don't get the blame....

  25. Why a teacher did not accompany the child to the health center?

  26. This happens only in St.Lucia,the land of lawlessness.

  27. IT WAS AFTER SCHOOL Make sure you get all your facts right sometimes no one knew the child got injured.

  28. Doesn't surprise me,maybe the principal & teachers were on WhatsApp chatting away & didn't have time to bring the child to the hospital...Sad,very sad indeed.

    • So a child is on the court playing, AFTER SCHOOL, yet you want to blame the teachers and principal. Wow!

      It is an unfortunate situation that could have been worse. But it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their children. You made it, you take care of it. A school's obligations ends when school is over.

      • I hope you're not a teacher. The child is the responsibility of the school until the child leaves the school compound!! How you expect a parent to pick up their children at exactly 2:30 or 3:00 p.m.?

        • Oh really now? Just take a pass by many of the top tier schools to see parents lined up waiting for their kids right as school done. I did it.

          And what if parents decide to leave their kids on the compound until 6 pm? Are the teachers supposed to stay back to babysit them? Will you pay their overtime? Will you pay the day care fees for the teacher's own kids. You people need to think. Take responsibility for the children you bring into this world. If you won't be responsible DO NOT HAVE THEM!

          • Yes you are able to pick up your football team right after school because that's how you make your money. On your back!

          • Wow....did u order your parenting license from ebay!!!!..bcuz u sound stupid making this comment. a lot of RESPONSIBLE parents at times, due to circumstances beyond their control would have to leave their kids at the schools maybe for an hour or so..n u no all part of LIFE..SHIT HAPPENS..if the school doesn't want to take responsibility for their STUDENTSSSSS..then guess what, they should lock the gates IMMEDIATELYYYYYYY after school!!!!

      • im sorry but i think the school need to revise some stuff, once you are on the school property no matter what happen the school is responsible. if you do not want responsibilities then everybody should vacate after school n close the doors. then the school wouldnt be responsible.

      • NONSENSE!

        The school is still responsible for the child's well being seeing he was still in school uniform in proximity of the education institution.
        It's about time people are sued a d held liability fr their incompetence.If you have no compassion & show professionalism for your occupation find another line of work.
        Why some individuals are trying to create excuses for such preposterous attitude of these school educators is so mind boggling.

      • He is still on the school compound therefore still the school's responsibility. If after 3pm school authorities do not want to be held responsible for children then have them leave the compound as soon as school is dismissed

      • A schools obligation ends when school is over wtf!! The incident happened on school compound the school has insurance for the kids if a teacher or principal is aware the situation then the parent or guardian should be contacted... Chpz!!!!

      • O like really, the principal usually stay back to see that every child leave the school, and beside don't tell me where was not one grown-up person. I had an incident where my son got hurt after school, the principal took him to the hospital get him stitch up and took him to my home, so I don't think u have kids, as long as ur child on the school grounds all teachers and principle is responsible for them.

      • I love that comment, the principal said that so many times, after school children are unsupervised.

      • The primary objective as a principal is to take care of the children on or off school property, once you are in school uniform.The child was still on school compound and nothing was done by the principal. No one is blaming the principal, but how she handle the situation. No one is blaming no teachers either. So you telling me, that you have a son or daughter and something like this happen on school compound, and nothing was done how would you feel? What if no one called you, how would you feel, and the principal had the audacity to lie to the parent, Smh. So when all of you'll want to blame the parent, put ull self in her shoes, you know how much she has cried? Heartless bunch. If it was a Mr so and so. She would have brought him, to SJH, in her car. So tell me how did her name was defamed? No one lied about the situation. The point is you were suppose to put your self in the shoes, as a mother, forget about being a principal, and help the child.

      • the insurance u pay for ur child at school covers any incident that happens to the child whether the child is cumin to /from school and it doesn matter whether it was after school he was stil on school permises

      • Such BS, after school, during school ,before school it happened at the school, how the hell would she know if her son is hurt if a call wasn't made, nor by the teacher, principal or health center. what if she didn't go check on her child and he collapse on the road then JA like u would be quick to say she in not a good parent she this she that. I total agree and as a parent myself trust me i would do more than she did.

      • As long as the child is on the school compound and worse yet in school uniform then there should be adequate supervision. If there is no supervision available teachers need to make sure that students head home. Any teacher or principal or school personnel (adult) who is charged with the responsibility of caring for this child during school hours, is also charged with the responsibility of caring for that child while they are on the compound. I have been a teacher for more than 12 years and that has always been the expectation for the job.

        • Thank you teacher for clarify. Folks do not blame anyone. The situation could have been handle differently. Let us be more loving towards one another, after all we just celebrated Valentines day. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  29. That cut needed a few stitches. A plaster isn't enough. The mother should have been called. I completely understand her anger!

    • The mother/parents sat he/their lazy butt(s) at home waiting for the young children to come home all by themselves!! come on now, there is also a great deal of neglect on your part as a mother. Take responsibility for your children. The schools are doing enough already.


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