Overcrowding problem continues at Bordelais Correctional Facility

Overcrowding problem continues at Bordelais Correctional Facility
Bordelais Correctional Facility
Bordelais Correctional Facility
Bordelais Correctional Facility

The weak judicial system is being blamed for the massive overcrowding taking place at the island’s main penal institution – Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) – which now has a total prison population of 607 inmates.

The institution, which was built some 14 years ago, was designed to accommodate only 450 inmates, but has since exceeded this mark every year and the number keeps growing daily.

Office-in-Charge of Operations at BCF, Clive Jules, told HTS News Force in a recent interview that this is causing major problems for persons working at the institution.

Jules explained that remand inmates are dealt with by the courts and the BCF cannot refuse them. “It is our responsibility as part of the judicial system is to receive these inmates,” he said.

However, the prison official said, he is hoping that the courts will soon be able to bring some relief the BCF of some of the overcrowding problems that they are currently faced with.

He noted that of the 607 inmates, half of that amount is persons who have been placed on remand.

In providing a breakdown of the inmates charged for serious crimes, Jules said, 106 persons are on murder/ causing death charges; 25 for attempted murder and 10 for firearm/ammunition.

In addition to that, 18 inmates are facing sex with minor charges, rape (18); indecent assault (5); grievous harm (22); robbery (30); burglary (25); incest (2); arson (3); cannabis (25); cocaine (17).

Jules said while 258 inmates are serving out sentences, 349 are still awaiting trial.


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  1. This is what the PM needs to respond to, not dumbass comments from Chastanet. Respond to overcrowding at Bordelais, a messed up Judicial system where over half the prison population are on remand.


  2. The authorities must build new cells at Bordelais or repair the old Royal Gaol on Bridge Street to deal with the overcrowding problem at the BCF.


  3. Simple solution - every week take the most serious criminals and pair them in a ring wearing nappies and sandals for a fight to the death Spartacus style! So that's approx 106 - 52 after a year and X ^ Y out there who would think twice before committing the same crime. Oh shate we in 2016 maybe we can't do that.

    On a more serious note, why not stop sending people to prison for cannabis cases (-25)? Burglary, can't they serve a sentence on the outside which is just as bad or worse than being in prison? All them blocked drains and rubbish in the city need cleaning (-25).

    However, a problem with those numbers is that a murderer might fall into robbery or buglary category so the numbers may not be a simple as they look but still some single category offenders will get filtered and reduce the numbers.

    My point here is to try punish some criminals without serving them a prison sentence.


  4. The minister La Corbs responsible or the prisons is a failed, sleepy yet arrogant guy without a clue on police and law enforcement matters. Did he manage his own office as a private lawyer. What is he doing for his monthly salary in government. Why does KDA keep this failure around. Has he fixed the CCTV cameras on Chaussee Road yet


  5. Freee up the innocent people yall have in there!!!! Yall just sendin man dh without evidence jus thru wat witnesses say. Free up d man dem


  6. Kenny I have one word for you ,can you sort the Country out please help the people in St.Lucia, because all this people cannot give you they Vote an you seat there not doing enough . You have to do what's best for the country.


  7. NO NO NO wait fellas wait, before you stop sending criminals to Bordelais there is one more than needs to be send there


  8. Start using electrical leg monitors. Honestly, we need to have most of our government minsters incarcerated instead of most of our mere drug using offenders. We are lying to ourselves all the time.

    Nobody has a clue how to give our youth beneficial alternatives to reduce their unemployment. What a set of dumb ass, clueless political leaders we support.


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