Overall crime rate increases in Saint Lucia

Overall crime rate increases in Saint Lucia
Sergeant Kimroy Renee addressing the media.
Sergeant Kimroy Renee addressing the media.
Sergeant Kimroy Renee addressing the media.

Crime increased by nine percent in the first six months of the year, according to statistics released Friday by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

In the serious crimes category, sexual offenses saw the highest spike, jumping to 21 percent. Firearm-related offenses, which include gun-related murders, also saw a sharp increase of eight percent.

Sergeant Kimroy Renee of Central Intelligence Unit  (CIU) told the media that the bulk of the analysis was done between January 1 and June 30, 2015, but data for homicides were extended to August 13.

The total number of crimes committed was 10,320 compared to 9,401 in 2014.

Despite this troubling figure, Renee said the detection rate has increased from 52 percent last year to 56 percent this year.

While an analysis was done based on three districts, mainly the North, South and Central parts of the island, the northern district recorded the highest increase in crimes.

Fifteen homicides were recorded so far this year, compared to 23, in the same period last year.

Crimes against persons increased by 15 percent, while drug offenses increased by a massive 32 percent.

There were also increases in attempted murders and grievous harm, while possession firearm and ammunition cases saw another increase.

On the flip side, there was a 41 percent decrease in offenses against property.

Renee said the force has recognized that firearm seems to be the weapon of choice used in gang rivalry and a number of homicides, which police plans to tackle.

He also disclosed that 73 percent of the homicide victims, in the first half of this year, are male and almost 70 percent fall between the ages of 15 and 30 years.

“So it shows we have a problem with our youth. We will implement strategies to mitigate this problem,” he added.


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  1. So what these donkeys y'all voted in to run our country expect when we have such a high unemployment rate no public assistance everything getting more expensive by the day. What do y'all expect from ppl who don't have an income and need to survive... We need more job opportunities in te island open factories take a drive south mangoes on the road making dog open a factory export some mango product.


  2. Saint Lucia's governance is in a shambles. Our shambolic society has a high crime rate, we do not have any kind of reliable water supply, and the Finance Minister squanders money like a drunken sailor. Look at the history $48 million etherized with the Frenwell deal. $86 million given hand over fist to tricksters for the Black Bay land to recover our own assets that were never in any kind of jeopardy. $156 million for oil exploration which may well turn up costing $500 million more with the pending lawsuit. Yet, we expect investors to look at all of this and come and invest here? You must be out of your dumb banana pruning minds.


    • Chupse I eh wanna laugh but u catch me there .. are b''anana pruning minds'' lol lol but hear that fig fini . So what minds do we have now .. but funny remark.


  3. Better late than never. My attention was captured , when I read that police plan to tackle crime involving guns and gangs.


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