Over $9,500 raised for funeral of Lyana Seriux and two sons in less than a day

By VI Consortium


ST. CROIX — It will be hard to remove the pain from the hearts of Virgin Islanders who have struggled with the viciousness of the crime that erased an entire family from the face of the earth.

But the atrocity perpetrated against Lyana Serieux and her boys Jeremiah and Jordan Serieux, have brought the U.S. Virgin Islanders together in more ways than one. First, they banded together by forming search parties to find the victims. Then, they combined their faiths in prayer asking God to comfort the family, heal the territory and bring the criminals to justice.

And on Saturday afternoon, in what must be one of the fastest online, community-led fundraisers on St. Croix, Virgin Islanders near and far raised $9,745.86, all of which will go to the family of Ms. Serieux for funeral arrangements.

“We did it!!!! We have met and exceeded our goal!!! Thank you community! For coming together and letting Lyana Serieux and her 2 boys Jordan and Jeremiah Serieux be laid to rest,” wrote an ecstatic Maxine Hart Young, who, along with Malik Stridiron, organized the PayPal fundraiser. “On behalf of the Serieux Family Malik Stridiron and I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming together and helping us to be a beacon of light in a dark situation. We love ❤️ you”

The fundraiser began in earnest at about 9:45 p.m. on Friday with a Facebook Live broadcast by Mrs. Young. The goal of $9,500 was met and surpassed on Saturday afternoon, less than a day after it started.

Virgin Islanders at home and the diaspora expressed gladness that the goal had been met, and thanked Mrs. Young and Mr. Stridiron for their heavy involvement in not only the fundraising effort, but also the search.

“Thank you [Maxine] and Malik for leading this charge, May God favor shine upon you,” wrote Teshia Baily. “Thank you [for] being such a good leader in this matter. God has truly made you an Apostle. Your are [a] wonderful person and I’m am glad that I have you as my friend on Facebook. The community need more people like you. Thank you,” added Virginia Aubaine.

At time of writing, the post from Mrs. Young announcing that the goal had been met, had 874 likes and 246 shares. Her fundraising videos garnered over 40,000 views combined.

Funeral plans for Ms. Serieux and her boys have not been announced. Once they are, however, The Consortium will make those plans known to the public.

What is now one the most vicious crimes committed in modern Virgin Islands history, started on Friday, the last day Ms. Serieux along with her two sons were seen. Ms. Serieux’s family members had conducted their own search, but turned to police on Sunday after futile attempts. By Monday night at about 7:30 p.m., police discovered a 2011 Silver Toyota Yaris with license plate number CFR 304 — confirmed to be that of Ms. Serieux — burnt in Upper Love.

The following day at about 11:35 a.m., moments after a V.I.P.D. press briefing seeking the community’s assistance, the bodies of Ms. Serieux’s two minor sons — 10-year-old Jordan Serieux and 5-year-old Jeremiah Serieux — were discovered on the south shore near Ha’Penny Beach. The tragic nature of the discovery rocked the territory, with many expressing disbelief that such cruelty had occurred here.

The search continued for Ms. Serieux on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, some residents gathered at Fort Christianvaern for prayer, and were joined by tens of thousands more from around the world. “I stand with you in prayer from Jerusalem,” said Hannah Jasmine McCoy. “Prayers from the Santos family from East Tennessee,” said Mario N. Wendy Santos. “Praying and standing in agreement in Indianapolis,” said Claire James.

V.I.P.D. Commissioner Delroy Richards vowed to bring those responsible to justice. “We are going to pursue the individual or individuals responsible, and we want them to know that. We are going to leave no stone unturned, and we’re going to be aggressively involved in trying to bring this to a closure,” he said.

The commissioner said that the force has been following every lead it gets — down to comments online — to try and piece together what really happened. “So far we have been unable to confirm a lot of them,” he said. He did, however, confirm that items of “evidentiary value” were discovered in the abandoned building.

The killing of Ms. Serieux and her two minor sons brought the territory’s homicide count to 37 for 2017. By August 29 last year, the territory had already seen 47 homicides in total, 40 of which were gun-related and another 7 were vehicular.


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  1. IF .... IF she was a drug mule:

    a) I choose to assume that it was not voluntary. There are too many instances of men, women and children being forced to engage into such.

    b) We have our own to watch - that young guy with the Whatsapp videos. I hope his mom uses this to help prepare her mentally and emotionally.

  2. IF .... IF she was a drug mule:

    a) I choose to assume that it was not voluntary. There are too many instances of men, women and children being forced to engage into such.

    b) We have our own to watch - that young guy with the Whatsapp videos. I hope his mom uses this to help prepare her mentally and emotionally.

  3. Wherever the thug life behavior and hood rat mentality is allowed to thrive you are sure to witness these types of acts in our communities. Every island has the same plague and the same cure. Self respect and respect for others is lacking, no matter the race, no matter the culture.

  4. God rest their souls. Especially the innocent kids. We need to pray for each other .. It could be any of us. Whatever her lifestyle...we are not to be judgemental. We don't know the issues.ppl we have kids,daughters.sons....let's be each other's keeper.

  5. Some of these women will learn not to use men.. no remorse

    • Why would u make such a statement? Do u know of the situation personally? Have u been keeping up with the newS?

    • seriouly to give a statement like that shows your have feeling for mankind....
      do you know what happen you in lucia boy i tell people chat too much

      did her kids have to pay...like

      hope you never use nobody in the lifetime
      who have no sin cast the first stone

    • Straight up you are nothing but a heartless beast.

  6. you know sometimes sno is really disgusting. people putting in their comments and yall not posting it. there are people that give some nasty comments and yall dont see the need to move them and i know when yall read this yall wont post this one also. yall ridiculous. most times i dont have taste to comment here.

  7. You see everywhere in the Caribbean right now has high murder rates just like St.Lucia or higher. But the difference is you won't hear them broadcasting to the world like how we do in St.Lucia or use it as a political football to discredit the political party who is in power at the time. And the main reason we are in this mess is because everyone in this place is so lawless and don't follow rules and regulations. From the young to the old. What you think is going to happen when you live your life like that.

  8. i am really confused. here i am with thousand of other people feeling sorry for this girl and i am reading a article called the virgin islands free press and from what i read this girl was some type of drug mule. it says she was paid to pay for and collect drugs but instead she took the money and tried to run away with it resulting in the drug dealers killing her children in front her and then killing her.to me the news wants to look fake so right now am confused and dont know what to believe.

  9. A man and his woman can't do business in this world anymore without people sawing the long face. When she was a life nobody care'd if she ate or not but now she's dead and the world put money together to put her and her two boys 6foot smfh

    • And your point is? Unfortunately she is dead and has to be buried. Sounds like you are upset with the fundraising idea. The fundraisers did not kill her and the kids....

    • Gay rights your point is? Unfortunately they are dead and have to be buried. Sounds like you are upset with the fundraising idea. The fundraisers did not kill her and the kids.... The reality is they have to be buried and funerals cost money. Smh..... Tonair!!!!

  10. Father forguve nit me the crook need to burn alife to wicked jail will not feel the pain these three innocent peopple throught 5yrs old mercy .lord have mercy

  11. small island with 37 homicides for the year. Here in St.Lucia we have almost the same and wondering why crime is so much high.

  12. Justice will be served... God is love..


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