Over $250,000 spent on vector control measures in last financial year

Over $250,000 spent on vector control measures in last financial year

Health Minister Alvina Reynolds has indicated that control measures against vector-borne diseases is a major blow to the Ministry of Health’s budget.

According to statistics revealed by Reynolds in parliament last week, there were 61 cases of dengue in 2014, 12 confirmed chikungunya cases and 20 leptospirosis. She has lamented that fighting the spread of these diseases has come at a tremendous cost to government.

She said 322 fogging activities have been conducted against the aedes aegypti mosquito which spreads both dengue and chikungunya at a total cost of $203, 355.72. She added that $100, 419.99 was expended by the Environmental Health Department on other efforts. The Pan American Health Oganisation (PAHO) has also donated $45,265 towards this cause.

Reynolds said she is disappointed at a somewhat lackadaisical attitude citizens are exhibiting towards preventing these diseases and called for residents to exercise personal responsibility.

“As I go round the country, I still see signs of persons who do not change behaviours. As we traverse the length and breadth of this country, we still see containers dropped in drains Mr. Speaker – stagnant water collecting – [the] breeding grounds for the aedes aegypti mosquito. .. [I]Speak of personal responsibility. The government put so much money into fogging and other interventions, Mr Speaker. Where is the responsibility of each person in this country?” she asked.

“[There was] the purchasing of rapid test kits for dengue, Mr. Speaker – $4,000 and over ; kits for testing of leptospirosis – $5,000 and over. As it pertains to what we have done in terms of increased surveillance, that started since in January and way back in December 2013,” she stated adding that May to June also saw training and sensitization of stakeholders which included port, immigration officials.



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  1. don't mean to be harsh but this is pure bullS^%t don't tell us the costs unless the value of a persons life can be measured, in this day n age $250,000.00 ain't even buying house n land so thats how insignificant that amount is


  2. They need to start ticketing those nasty people like they do in the more developed countries.Until then everything remains the same.


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