Over 200 persons employed in initial construction of new hotel

Over 200 persons employed in initial construction of new hotel
The new hotel will replace the former “Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa” in Cap Estate, Gros Islet.

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony says he is exceedingly pleased with the commencement of construction on the hotel to replace the former “Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa” in Cap Estate, Gros Islet.

The former property was totally demolished to pave the way for the new hotel.

Already, contractors have been engaged, and some two hundred workers have been employed in preparing foundation works.

According to the Prime Minister, “I expect that the number of workers will double in the next few weeks, and increase even further in the weeks ahead. This investment is welcome news for our economy, for our workers and for their families. Every single job counts at this time.”

The new hotel, on completion, will be known as the “Royalton” and will offer over 300 rooms. Completion is scheduled for Fall 2016.


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  1. Boy dem UWP people eh easy de people vex because a few jobs available for us. How can de I be a part of a party that eh supporting something like that. I feel like dem people would be happy if de country was worse than haiti just so the can come into powerr de ban inyowan!


  2. That good. Lets turn all unemployed youths into either a hotel construction worker or a hotel worker when the establishment opens. Would that solve our problems? I take it that with every term of office of all political parties some hotel being constructed. If so, then how comes that we are worst off than we were before? How comes our employment figures have doubled? But here we are arguing about whether it is good or bad.

    Well all i can say its neither good nor bad since there were at least the same number working in the previous hotel. What this amounts to is a pure political stunt to have ignorant people divided. Go ahead choose your colour, fools. The politicians in power have their own state funded media, plus hacks, it does not do us any good to impress their activities in the minds of people through our local media.

    If it is the job of a politician to re-open a hotel when another closes, then so be it. Our media should be used to highlight their shortcomings and our own concerns so as to create a balance. The media's political pervasiveness has cultivated the false perception that politicians are our bosses and nothing can be achieved without them. This perception is slowly becoming reality since the people cannot invest, achieve social stability, justice or even question whether they are receiving these rights. Isn't that a dumb idea to be promoting politicians and foregoing your right to question?

    I bet when the ordinary man ask a question it does not receive attention, however, when another politican asks, it is all over the media. In my lifetime i have asked thousands of questions though this and other media, I have never heard any of my questions repeated far less being answered. This is why many scholars agree that the public sphere has been taken over by politicians with the aid of commercial mass media who promote the agendas of politicians. Nothing is important if it isn't said or done by a politician. The only thing that attracts their attention is when one citizen kills the other, obviously often caused by neglect by the same politicians who will again point fingers back at the public. The public, color blinded by persuasion and circumstance, ignoring the fact that they have been deprived of a working system turn and kill another other of their brethren, and so the cycle continues.


  3. My only contribution to the whole matter is...and is directed to Mr.PM...do us that one solid favor....seek someone willing to continue Le Paradis they can call it whatever they please...something that suits the location though...take a trip to the east....convince a prince to come spend some of his money on the place...let them have that land....providing..within contract that 500 - 1000 jobs be created on completion of said project...it may take a couple years but be sure to keep to that promise...and maybe..just maybe i will vote for once in my life.


  4. Mal for anyone to dislike your comment speaks of the level of ignorance of our people. It is sad that as a people majority of us continue to bring our country down; we trample, smash and step on. Just picture crushing an insect with our foot. This is what some of us do. Who does St. Lucia belong too? Think of the damage we are causing? Just don't comment for commenting sake! Then again critical thinking is a skill and some of us just can't decipher the logic of an intelligent contribution!!


    • I second your comment...but to be very on point as to your message...the freedom of expression is at play...people dont read to understand....they read and react...after the hotel is built previous employees will be back to work and perhaps a hundred more will be hired..i do not know the precise details or amounts but there will be spaces to full on completion of that hotel. I feel like the jobs they are referring to in this article is the jobs of the labourers...civil engineers...contractors and his/her subs....which so happens to be all one person if i recall....


      • It's not all one person ODD or maybe you we referring to one company. The point still remains if there is no work to be done these people will not have a job. As for the construction companies, while they have a list of trusted individual who they call to facilitate certain aspects of the project the hiring of these and other personnel still comes into play which essentially means the taking off of persons on the unemployment list. I do agree with your previous point something needs to be done about the East Project.


  5. How could a 300 room hotel be completed in one year? Is that a 1 star or 2 star hotel? Let's be realistic, its a far cry to have a fully established hotel be up and running in one year. Good political move though, it will be completed right when elections will be called, when people are employed....good move....well done!


  6. Good news in this difficult times. We need more but 200 people who will now be receiving a salary. Let's make more happen!


  7. We in st.Lucia have no clue, increase in construction jobs is a sign of growth, you out of that ondutry better pray it does, now projects like these higher all professions and trades, there are architechs,engineers,builders,carpenters,masons,welders,electricians,plumbers,just to nention a few, this is not temp work just another project, temp are only to the unskilled, proplem is we think its only uneducated persons who work in this industry, thats how uneducated we are on the outside nuff said for now in these few to mention. Need to remind you its only a few job classes that i mention there are many more who gets highered, inlcudeing accountants,secretary ect.


    • I agree with you wholeheartedly!! Their belief is that the job title and job itself is not prestigious enough, this is why so many scholarships awards in the public and private sector go unclaimed and unrewarded especially int the technical fields. Suffice it to say the Agriculturist, Carpenter and Mason make twice as much and the lowly office worker.SMH


  8. ... "exceeding pleased with this new project. Will boost the economy." Those were the words said about the courts Marusile project. However, its been three weeks and the workers can't be paid yet...


    • What you talking about, we get our money already so stop your nonsense. Babylon go eat youll brains with dem politics games youll playing. Stop trying to trick the youth!


  9. Completion is scheduled for Fall 2016?? Since when St. Lucia have seasons? It's either rain or sun.


  10. If 200 people lost their jobs for the reconstruction of a hotel and 200 people are hired to construct the hotel, can you boast and say 200 jobs were created? Apparently Kenny Anthony can.


  11. some people have serious mental problems if you find yourself angry when you hear news like that then you are sick.


    • Is that news. Is that something for the PM to talk about? Every time somebody gets hired should the PM have a speech? Is that all the economics this lawyer knows. SMH


  12. that wont save you Kenny, the rate at which permanent jobs are being lost, 200 temporary is a drop in the bucket. we need thousands of permanent/long-term jobs. you must still go.


    • EITHER YOU ARE SHORT SIGHTED OR JUST COLOUR BLIND!!!. After the hotel is built will permanent jobs not be available???? SIMPLETONS SMDH!!!!


      • Why so much a fuss over 200 jobs? These construction workers were probably not even on the unemployment list.


        • The colour of your glasses won't allow you to appreciate the fact that jobs will be made available to some, which simply means that you are not just against the government, but against your fellow Saint Lucians as well. TRULY SAD. If the plight of Saint Lucians was really your concern then you would champion the cause and be happy that your neighbor is getting some income.


  13. It is misleading to say that 200 persons were employed. The persons who will be constructing the hotel are already employed as contractors, masons, carpenters and painters and laborers. This is just another project for them.

    The reason I am pointing this out is because it will be said that jobs were created and then the spin doctors will count it against the unemployment statistic. We need to face the youth unemployment CRISIS head on and stop just ignoring it because it won't go away on it's own. We have intelligent people in St. Lucia especially our prime minister and they are capable of solving the problem but they are so engrossed in all papi-show to give the problem a good look.

    What frustrates me is that viable and reasonable projects can be undertaken to improve unemployment but everybody too busy throwing around money to their own benefit.

    "When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich..."

    In our case we will eat our false advertisers.


    • You point is ridiculous!! How is adding 200 jobs misleading, weather it was done yesterday, 2 months ago or tomorrow it still contributes to the decline of the unemployment rate, marginal or not. Person who are part of construction companies can be considered unemployed if there is no work to be done "No work, No pay." thus making them part of the unemployed statistic. But now that they are working they cannot be considered as such.

      You people look for every way to discredit, undermine and demean any initiative put forward to help the people of this country. You are the same people sharing, liking, posting and publicizing all negative news about the country but will never do the same for a new job advertisement or anything that is uplifting about the country. Then you claim you are so concerned about the well-being of the people. Regardless of party lets put the country first because bad press sells and spreads faster than good, and for a country so dependent on tourism we need to be careful what we put out there.


      • I agree it will prevent the decline of unemployment. So you will have to explain how will it boost the economy.


        • Why do I need to explain Simple Economics to the likes of you, from reading your previous comments I can accurately decipher that you are either uneducated or just colour blind. Here is something to think about before your decide to make another perplexing comment. How many other sector will be positively affected by the building of this hotel and how many other different job classification can expect to gain employment from this project. If you can answer this then I will engage you in civil discourse till then stop being a simpleton.


      • Considering the fact that Coconut Bay is already so successful I find it odd that some don't think its a good idea. Not all hotel are located on the water's edge, places like Contonment , Blackbay, Cedar Heights even as far as laborie can accommodate a beautiful hotel a few minutes off the coast and be just as successful. There is a market for more reserved tourist, persons who are not all about the sand, and seas so I think its a good idea.