Over 100 trained in Zika awareness by SLHTA

Over 100 trained in Zika awareness by SLHTA
unnamedPRESS RELEASE – Over 100 persons were trained in ZIKA awareness training this week when the SLHTA held a series of training sessions for members and their employees.
The training sessions form part of an ongoing campaign by the SLHTA and the Ministry of Health aimed at providing members and their staff with the relevant information on how to control the spread of the virus at home and at work as well as to provide evidence based information on the effects of the Zika virus so that industry workers can have informed dialogue with concerned visitors. The training, conducted by a medical professional will be continuing this upcoming week at 10a.m. and 2p.m. on Monday15th, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th.
Members are encouraged to confirm attendance for one of these days and times as these sessions are critical to our prevention and management efforts.  PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL MS. VERONICA SWANSON AT 453-1811 or [email protected] for registration today.
For member companies requiring training on-site, the SLHTA and the Ministry of Health have engaged two medical professionals to do site visits and conduct training on property.  Large hotels and other establishments requiring this service are encouraged to contact the SLHTA to book these services also.
These outreach sessions are provided on a complementary basis and sponsored by our Tourism Enhancement Fund.

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