Over 10 Saint Lucian females have fallen victim to ‘catfishing’ (letter)

Over 10 Saint Lucian females have fallen victim to ‘catfishing’ (letter)

Dear Editor: I was recently made aware of certain activities involving young Saint Lucian individuals over Instagram and I could not sit back and wait.

As we are all aware, ‘catfishing’ has become a big deal in our technological era. Persons have taken this to the extreme with sexual exploitation. (Editor’s note: A “catfish” is someone who pretends to be someone else online)

It is reported that over 10 — can be more — Saint Lucian females have fallen victim to catfish accounts where explicit photographs and videos are threatened to be exposed if they do not comply with the demands.

It is unclear as to how some of these contents were retrieved, however in some cases, it may have been voluntary, out of trust, but in others, it may be safe to assume that the catfish may have hacking experience.

One of those 10 cases have been reported to the authorities but nothing has been done. Some of these black-mailings have been going on for years.

There are two accounts that have been identified as the attackers; whenever they are reported and removed by Instagram, they create new accounts and restart their attacks.

Some of these victims had their explicit content shared with all their followers or uploaded to pornographic sites. This is illegal and not right.

I believe that our society needs to be made aware of these specific incidents so we can be our neighbors’ keepers for a better future.

— Concerned citizen


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  1. I hate to say this ..with this age of technology and photoshopping ..why would any one think it wise to take and share explicit photos of themselves???why ???? I don’t condone cat fishing ..however “sense was made before books” it’s certainly not wise to engage in taking and or sharing explicit photos with anyone.


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