OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES: Sandals La Toc “Red Lane Spa” team

OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES: Sandals La Toc “Red Lane Spa” team

PRESS RELEASE – Elezer Charles, Red Lane Spa Manager would like to take the opportunity to feature and thank the Red Lane Spa team of Sandals Regency La Toc.

Too many times in our work careers we do not take enough time to thank the amazing teams we have supporting us on the floor, doing all the odd jobs ensuring that we as managers shine and are successful in accomplishing the goals set ahead.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be the manager for such a great team of 35 unique individuals where there are no premiums but members adhering to one common objective as a team to ensure our guest have a wow experience and achieving monthly budgets.

Elezer wants to recognize her assistant Amanda Matoorah-John and her supervisor Patricia kallicharan for their unlimited support to her unlimited dedication to accomplish her mission.

She states that “They have constantly strengthen me in moments of doubt…without them I wouldn’t have been able to withstand. I am enormously proud of the work we have done together and I want to thank them for supporting me even when they thought I may have had a loose screw…..”

Elezer went further by saying “To my team members who everyday religiously come with their armor ready to take on the challenges of the day working hard, diligently and consistently to create a team that I am so proud to be part of.

In my team, I am so proud to say that I find enthusiasm, trust, respect, tolerance, care, adventure ,humor, discipline, ambition, dedication, flexibility, loyalty and team spirit. Wow…. This is truly a blessed and amazing team of powerful individuals.”

It has been 12 years of tears, joy, fights, laughter and changes that she can safely say today, that they are a united family. “We have realized that alongside hard work comes having fun and trust me, we know how to do that too….”

“In my entire career I have never come across a team who come on their off days to assist those who have not made their monthly targets, working hard to help them reach their goal so everyone is successful.

As much as we work hard we can play hard too, so at the end of every week we kick off our work shoes and put on dancing shoes ensuring that we have family time together enjoying each other’s company.

We share a cook Sunday meal every Sunday as a family where we find time to laugh, dance and behave foolishly to make each other laugh and smile…that is priceless.”

Thank you team La Toc, you rock!


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  1. congratulations to all of you guys. I am proud to see a manager recognizing the hard work of her employees 🙂


  2. Elzer kudos to you for going this route in showing appreciation to your team. Tell Mercrinca I miss her!


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