Outstanding Employee Feature: Ti Kaye Resort & Spa Employee of the Month

Outstanding Employee Feature:  Ti Kaye Resort & Spa Employee of the Month

unnamedSLHTA NEWSLETTER – Aletha William is one of our dedicated waiters.

She has been with Ti Kaye for four years and has proven to be a hard worker and team player. She has met the criteria (for Employee of the Month) and has displayed an exemplary customer service to not only Ti Kaye guests but to her fellow team members, supervisors, and managers.

With a wonderful spirit and charming personality it is a pleasure to work with Aletha. Ti Kaye’s guests continue to recognise her excellent service delivery and make mention of her in the guest comment rating cards upon check-out.

Ti Kaye’s criteria in choosing employee of the month consist of the following:

– Positive and polite attitude to guests, all co workers, supervisors and management
– Punctuality and perfect attendance for the month
– Adhering to company SOP
– Being a team worker / team player
– Being a problem solver/providing new and innovative ideas for improving the resort and assisting your co-workers
– Being a role model and presenting yourself well
– Completing your normal day-to-day duties and responsibilities without being reminded to do so by supervisors and HODs.

Please note comment cards are a bonus for front-of-house employees if all the other criteria’s are met!


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  1. Congratulation sis on your achievement, keep up the good work and positive attitude. All the best in your future endeavours


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