Outdoor movie nights in Gros Islet pick up steam

Outdoor movie nights in Gros Islet pick up steam

10968371_335613219968727_4027105266174135400_nPRESS RELEASE – While the Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party has earned the reputation of bringing together both local and foreign visitors alike, there is something quietly brewing in the streets of Gros Islet which only the residents of this community are aware of.

It is called the “Big Movie Night,” and it was first introduced in December 2014 by Mr. Therold Prudent as part of the two-week holiday festivities dubbed “Christmas in Gros Islet,” which were held for the constituency.

Among many other activities, the event showcased a large assortment of holiday flags and seasonal decorations; early-morning carolling; and the distribution of toys, hundreds of free chocolates, and other confections to the residents of Gros Islet and its environs. The event turned out to be hugely successful because of the active participation of hundreds of people from our community.

Although “Christmas in Gros Islet” drew to a close in great style with an open-air Christmas morning breakfast and a free raffle draw with fabulous prizes, the children and residents of Gros Islet have refused to let go of the “Big Movie Night,” which has continued periodically since last December.

It is, therefore, against this backdrop that we present another open-air blockbuster “Big Movie Night” on Monday, August 17th at 7:00 P.M. Our movie night will feature the brand new films HOME (a 2015 animated family movie) and Taken 3 (a late-night, action-packed movie for adults only).

Free popcorn and refreshments will be served, and we invite everyone from near and far to join us outside the Lucian People’s Movement headquarters on Marie Therese Street for an evening of community spirit and enjoyment.

If possible, please bring chairs and blankets.


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  1. I hope this is not an election gimic trying to buy votes an it will b there to see. People are not stupid any more?


  2. Wow that's sounds really nice and community centered. I commend you'll for this active, it has some positive vibes the youth can grow in the midst of.


  3. Very good community activity. It is activities like these that are needed to help build family togetherness and enriched communities. Thumbs up


  4. While other country politicians are debating and answering real questions about how candidates are going to help solve various issues in their country such as the national deficit, national security, crime, drugs, poverty, social security, unemployment just to name a few St Lucia's viable candidates are playing movies with serving pop corn to win the electorate over?!?!?!?! Are the citizens that damn that they will ransom themselves and country to anyone or side who offers a bag of pop corn? smh

    "Christmas" indeed. Reminds me of cattle being fattened all year long before they are brought to the slaughter for Christmas feast. Well then In such a case Merry Christmas Gros-Islet!!!


  5. You see why I strongly believe Mr Prudent is the only one who can give Gros Islet effective representation? Well here you have it this is my man for Gros Islet.


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