Our country is not for sale, our country is bleeding: Pierre (video)

Our country is not for sale, our country is bleeding: Pierre (video)

Address to the Nation by Leader of the Opposition Hon Philip J. Pierre – September 5, 2018

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  1. Hope to see the day when the public servants would not take the largest share of the working population. After this, the majority lazy public service would continue to have just more bark than bite.


  2. Here is a simple question for our simpletons. What does the sale of passports amount to, other than a sale of the birthright of Saint Lucians? Then they are making noises about Saint Lucia is not for sale?

    Since they have lost all contact with reality and truth, to wake them up, perhaps my shoe leather should be making an acquaintance with their behinds. Shameless.

    Now, ask the Sallowpwee or a similar sounding name, who started the CIP and who has most corruptly benefited from it? If you name the name, I will whistle.


  3. I wonder who made beach front property sky rocket towards $USD100 per square foot from less than $20 ECD per square foot? I am guessing it was the speculators, for it sure wasn't Compton. All this happened from 1997. Do you remember those days when everybody was saying that not all hotels need to occupy the beach front? You were busy looking for investors to buy out our beach front. Remember Malgretout Development? Do you remember Gobart? He is dead now (God rest his soul). In whose names are the parcels of land at Malgretoute registered? How comes the full Development never happened? You can fool some people but there are just some who is not Average Joe, Blow your pipe boy! Just remember there will be a day of reckoning where you will be found out. Baby boomers are just dumb and sympathetic to your party. For a party which depends heavily on hacks of the baby boomer era you did a terrible job on health care to keep them alive.


    • National heroes do not come cheap. One on getting inside information on beachfront development, bought a whole lot. That one got wealthy whilst feeding the foolish with Fidel Castro's socialist nonsense on the then Columbus Square, now converted into Walcott's Eyesore Car Park. Morons. Likewise, CDC was changed into a shanty town. You morons.


    • Because they looked at HGTV in America and saw beach front was high money (but they didn't take into consideration these was mostly vacation homes and highly insurance). Also easy for the owners to get to. Too much copying of everything American do.


  4. Who killed the country? Than you all hungry power parasites,stop calling things on st.Lucia enough is enough I'm so sick and tired of your all,keeping the country backward stop complaining,like little kids that's in pampers.wait for you all turn,just cannot believe that is what my country becomes with politics.


  5. Come on now Jn Pierre, now your party is not in power you have all these concerns and grand ideas. Promises of having one college graduate for every household in St. Lucia....Where were all these revalations when your party waw at the helm? Hu but not one of you all will mention or address the minimum wage or even trying to attempt to raise it to a level where St. Lucians can survive. All this braying, but we still have St. Lucians making $300.00 a month at S and S and other establishments.So when I hear any MP start to address the riduculous slave labor wages we still have prevalent here in 2018 then I will entertain your discourse. Until then its just hot air and empty promises so he get back in office to see how you and your partners can fatten your pockets. Rubbish the country is bleeding yeah cause slave wages have people struggling to eat and feed theie family.


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