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Other OECS states urged to follow Dominica’s CCJ example

By Ken Richards (WINN)

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WINN – Having officially bid farewell to the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Dominica is now encouraging the rest of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) to fully embrace the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as soon as possible.

The island on Friday acceded to the Caribbean Court’s appellate jurisdiction, becoming the fourth Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member state to do so.

The other three are Guyana, Barbados and Belize.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, at the official ceremony in Roseau, noted that Dominica is the first OECS country to take that step, and said that as OECS chairman he would try to influence the rest of the sub-region into taking the final CCJ step.

“I will ensure that some governments in the region take steps towards recognizing the court,” Skerrit assured CCJ president Sir Denis Byron.

“We need to show greater appreciation for the achievement of our people. Too many times we seek to question who we are as a people, to question our competence,” the Dominican prime minister said.

He said that, while some were questioning the competence and integrity of Caribbean justices, “the rest of the world are admiring them”.

St Kitts and Nevis has been working on accession to the CCJ’s appellate jurisdiction.

However, the new government as the then opposition recently had success at the level of the Privy Council on the boundaries changes court case.

So how much of a priority will it make the CCJ was a question put to former Acting Chief Justice of the OECS Supreme Court, Sir Brian Alleyne.

“I cannot say what judgment the CCJ would have given in the St Kitts case, but I think the jurisprudence set down by the Privy Council in the St Kitts case is correct, and I have no reason to suspect that the CCJ would not have come to the same decision on the same reasoning,” Sir Brian told WINN FM’s The Bigger Picture.

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  1. It was never a question of having confidence in ourselves. We know what is meant by "selves" in this part of the world. The question is do we have confidence in those other "selves?" As we know that these "selves" are only for "themselves."

  2. Skerrit is another dictator wannabe. We need a referendum...let the people chose what's best for them.

  3. I often times wonder if we were destined to be slaves for ever. I also wonder if we ever want to be free. Why don't we trust or have confidence in our selves ? We must free ourselves by any means necessary.

    • What about being attached to the JCPC makes us slaves? We are not on a plantation working from 5am to 7pm anymore for no pay.People of the region have no faith in the politicians and the legal system rightfully so. As a MATTER OF FACT signing onto the CCJ would actually threaten our democarcy case in point St-kitts elections. You no how many lawyers haved abused poor people by swindling them of land some of these same lawyers sit on the bench today or are stonch advocates of the CCJ

    • I wish that persons would come out and expose some of these lawyers and judges.But the people are timid and afraid they have no resources,support or means of doing so

  4. Congrats DA massive!!! Ste lucie soon follow.

  5. This must go to referendum.This is all about money,privilege and power.Justice dispensed impartially from a completely detached court in a neutral country is far more desirable than that influenced and paid for by the politicians and elite of these islands.CCJ is an expensive, elitist club and another lolo beff to beat the populace with.Let the people decide.

  6. I say this without reservation the majority of LAWYERS and POLITICIANS are the SCUM OF THE EARTH. Time for Jah to take over.

  7. You OECS/Caricom people were powerless to stop the reign of terror of denzel douglas. The opposition pleaded with you'll to get assistance to pass the no confidence vote in him. And I'm supposed to trust your court system. More corruption.

    • These Politicians really think that people will take it up the ASS all the time like that MARK MY WORDS 10-15yrs from now after every one has signed onto the CCJ and people start being further abused by the polticians and Judiciary people will start to take things into their own hands and there will be Civil unrest.


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