Orlando’s hits #1 on Trip Adviser

Orlando’s hits #1 on Trip Adviser
Orlando's Restaurant
Orlando’s Restaurant

Orlando’s Restaurant in Soufriere has hit Number 1 on TripAdviser’s List of Excellent Restaurants in Saint Lucia. This award comes after two months to the day of opening on December 12, 2012.

After 13 years as an executive chef at Ladera Resort, Orlando felt that it was time to follow his long-standing dream and own his restaurant. That’s when Orlando’s in Soufriere was created.

Orlando made certain that his menus reflected healthy choices with the use of fresh meat, colorful vegetables, rich spices and all local ingredients. His delicious creations are accompanied with his lifelong vision to bring international recognition to Caribbean cuisine.

His guests are delighted to be able to eat his unique style of cuisine in the intimate courtyard garden setting in Soufriere. His hard working and courteous staff all hail from the neighboring community, and as a team, they display Soufriere’s hospitality in the best possible light.


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  1. its nice to know that some locally bred or foreign educated lucian chefs or chef in this case, sees the need to be his own boss and in the process helping boost soufriere employments.. hoorah .. i wonder what chef has replaced him at Ladera hotel ?


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