Order restored in Venezuela with Constituent Assembly

Order restored in Venezuela with Constituent Assembly

(PRESS RELEASE) – On July 30th, more than 8 million voters participated to elect 545 representatives from all municipalities and sectors in Venezuela, to form part of the National Constituent Assembly; a proposal which is enshrined in our National Constitution and convened by President Nicolas Maduro on May 1 of this year.

It is important to highlight that the President’s objective for this call was and always will be to guarantee peace in Venezuela. The Constituent Assembly was the only viable option that President Maduro had, especially faced with the impossibility of establishing political dialogue with the opposition.

If you recall, the extremist Venezuelan right (the coalition of the opposition parties) orchestrated a series of violent demonstrations against the Bolivarian Government for a period of four months (from April – July), which claimed the lives of approximately one hundred persons.

Public and private infrastructure were damaged, including hospitals, 7 military bases, ministries, recreational parks, utility services (electricity, communications) police-stations, hundreds of public transportation, bakeries, and commercial centers, among others.

However, the information that comes to Saint Lucia through the international media is that: “dozens of people have been killed by Venezuelan troops during months of political protests against the government”. The reality is that those deaths were attributed to opposition forces fabricating destruction and creating chaos to fuel the international media and allow them to spin the occurrences in Venezuela, alluding responsibility for said violence to the Bolivarian Government; their aim – to overthrow the government.

Faced with this situation originated by the extremist groups that oppose the Bolivarian Government, more than 8 million Venezuelans – a people of peace, who believe in democracy, who believe in the sovereignty of the country and very well know its laws, decided to exercise their democratic right, by voting and supporting the proposal of the activation of the National Constituent Assembly.

Immediately following the elections of July 30th, there has been and still is peace throughout the country. There have been no more demonstrations or terrorist acts, neither on the streets of Caracas or the other municipalities.

On August 11th, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela submitted a draft law to the National Constituent Assembly against political violence, which establishes sentences between 15 and 25 years of prison.

From the Protocol Chamber of the Federal Legislative Palace, in his presentation he said: “Peace has come to Venezuela since the first day of the National Constituent Assembly. The time has come to overcome campaigns of hatred, intolerance, violence and persecution. The time has come, through a great political process, to create conscience and, through very severe laws, punish hate, intolerance of crimes in all its forms of expression, so those are definitely over. Let us begin a great campaign against hatred”.

The Government and people of Venezuela want to continue in peace and harmony, with the union of families and the union of Venezuela.

Also noteworthy is that all Opposition Parties returned to the democratic route and registered to participate in the next regional elections. The political opposition parties in Venezuela registered 196 candidates to compete in the elections to be held in October, where more than 18 million Venezuelans will elect 23 regional authorities.

The National Constituent Assembly will continue to open avenues to continue national dialogue with all the social sectors of Venezuela, all this always within the framework of our laws and juridical ordinances, always defending the right of non-intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela and our sovereignty.


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