Orange Media Group celebrates Jounen Kweyol with clients and stakeholders

Orange Media Group celebrates Jounen Kweyol with clients and stakeholders

“This is one Jounen Kweyol event that will go down as one of the best I have ever experienced.”

This was just one of the many praises heaped on Orange Media Group by clients and suppliers who were special guests at the ad agency’s first annual Thank You lunch.

The event, which brought together company CEOs, marketers, media and suppliers of marketing support services, took place at the Rodney Bay Commercial Centre which houses the offices of Orange Media.

It was a Creole Feast in every respect, complete with all the favourite Creole food and treats, a traditional string band and performances by the Helen Folk Dancers.

The menu was mouth-watering with delectable delights such as grilled lobster and pot fish, steamed buigo, smoked herring, souse, crab calalloo, bouillon, green fig and saltfish, farine and avocado and fish cakes. The local treats included pemme, turnovers, guava cheese, coconut tablet, tamarind balls and coconut cake. The company was great and the atmosphere was festive.

Wednesday’s Kweyol Lunch was an appreciation event celebrating Orange Media Group’s relationships with its clients and other principal collaborators and using the Jounen Kweyol celebrations to add that indigenous flavour and double celebration.

This event portrayed Orange’s understanding of its deeply rooted connection with clients as well as its local roots, being a business that originated in and operates from St. Lucia.

In addressing the gathering, President of the Orange Media Group, Earny St. Catherine said the group is a leader in the region because of its relationship with its clients, suppliers and employees.

“Our agency takes no relationship for granted, nor do we feel any sense of entitlement. We understand how important it is to deeply connect with our stakeholders at a very emotional level and we strive to do our best for you everyday. People may forget what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel and we want you to know that we are deeply thankful for your support and today’s event is a reflection of our gratitude”.

Orange Media Group is the leading marketing and advertising agency in the OECS. The Agency has been conceptualising and executing marketing and communications campaigns for high-profile clients in telecommunications, insurance, banking and retail for many years. Orange Media distinguishes itself through innovation, bold, colourful and creative concepts which defy traditional approaches to marketing, advertising and corporate communications.


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